farm day excursion

On the 22nd of August, we went on an excursion that we called Farm Day.

On Farm Day we went to the Venter’s and George’s farms. First we went to the Venter’s farm, we did a lot of activities. One of the activities we did was the one where Joe showed us around the farm and we also had a quiz. Lee showed us how to shear a sheep, it took about 5 minutes. The sheep didn’t like it.

After we finished the activities we left the Venter’s farm and we drove on the bus to the George’s farm. At the George’s farm the son of the owner of the farm Davis showed us around. We went to a beautiful spot which had a great view. Davis told us that every generation Geelong gets a hill closer to the farm. Davis also told us that they spend a lot of time trying to replant trees on the farm.

I had a great time on farm day.



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