Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 for me has been…..well challenging but fun and great. In term 1 the focus question was ‘how does our food garden grow’, our final project for term 1 was ‘the pot to plate project’, I grew Sugar snap peas, beetroot and radishes. But term 2 for me has been the best term I have ever had at school because the terms question was on of  my interests. In week 5A term 2 we finished the pot to plate project when we had the big feast on Friday (and here is the picture of what I made for the pot to plate feast).

The focus question for term 2 was ‘how are our living things around us connected’, the final project for term 2 was ‘the local animal diorama project’ where you chose a animal around the enviro and studied it. I chose the Straw-necked ibis and the Australian white ibis. You also got to borrow cameras and binoculars to look at birds and other animals.


Semester 1 has been a really good semester so far.

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