My Lego We Do experience

Dancing birds

For the past 2 weeks Max and I have been doing a Lego We Do project. We got 2 Boxes with Lego in it, Max and I opened the boxes and started to have a play around with the Lego. Mr. McKie told us to make at least 2 projects out of 3 at minimum of the projects that had instructions that were on the lego WeDo program. The first one was the dancing birds which we had to follow the instructions on the program to complete it because without them it would of been pretty complex. So we built the Dancing birds (which took a while) and we shortened and lengthened the poles holding up the birds to make them different heights.

Air plane rescue

Next we made the Air plane, it was awesome because the way cogs and the propeller was remarkable. I learnt that when you connect cogs to other pieces of lego (like propellers) it looks cool and it works very effectively. Once we finished our air plane rescue project we looked at some other peoples projects, Max and I didn’t find the sensor to make the plane’s propeller go faster or slower.


Wheel testing factory

Max and I made another 2 projects one was the Wheel testing factory which was great because first we were just making a wall with the red long bricks with the holes in them. Then Max came up with this idea of putting cogs in them and then I came up with the idea of putting on the wheels to make it a wheel testing factory. I enjoyed this project because it was our first project that we made ourselves and didn’t have instructions.


Person spinning machine

Next Max and I made our final lego WeDo project it was a person spinning machine. We created it by using one of the basic models and changed it up a bit. We programmed it to spin one way then the other.

Year 4 camp

  1. Camp was a good experience for me to make friends with, I played with a lot of people I didn’t usually play with.
  2. I have changed as a person when I went on camp because of the friends I made and how much fun I had.
  3. I learnt on camp that there is only 196 Helmeted honey-eaters on earth.
  4. My favourite part of camp was going to the Healseville Sanctuary to the Wet-lands area and seeing the Black-necked storks,Pied herons,  Glossy-ibis, Royal spoonbills and the White-faced heron.




Book Review: Wedgetail

Andy is fascinated by Wedgetail eagles. One day a ranger brings an orphaned eaglet so tiny that it seems unlikely to survive. Wedgetail is the story of Andy’s struggle to save it’s life, and to finally watch it grow into a beautiful and proud eagle. But sooner or later, Andy must release it into the wild.

Mt. Rothwell Excursion Reflection

Hello Readers,

Yesterday we went on an excursion to Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre. Here we learnt how to weed cape weeds with garden forks. We had a great opportunity to complete the following activities:

  1. First, half of the grade went hiking up the actual Mt Rothwell to look for rock wallabies. We successfully saw some.
  2.  When we reached the top of Mt Rothwell we found the garden forks at  leaning against some rocks, so Richard taught us how to weed with the forks and soon enough a lot of cape weeds were gone.
  3. After our hiking trip up Mt Rothwell we came back down and started a new activity. The new activity we did was art with Sue Anderson where we looked at something like a leaf or stick and drew it but we had to put all the little details in.
  4. After we did the art our guides showed us some bones feathers and skins of animals and they said that we needed to go on a little walk around the area and find some scats, tracks and bones etc. My group found a lot of bones.
  5. After we had dinner we went on the night walk. We saw 3 Rufous Bettongs, 2 Eastern Barred Bandicoots, a southern brown bandicoot, a long nosed potoroo, a masked owl and a Eastern Quoll.

Reflection: I enjoyed the excursion especially the hike up Mt Rothwell because we saw a lot of Kites and Rock Wallabies. 

Dogrocks Reflection

We went to Dogrocks with our ELC buddies. At Dogrocks I saw one of my favourite land birds the Red Browed Finch.

 The Red Browed Finch was flying around from tree to tree looking for food.

We also saw a Wedge tailed eagle flying next to a little raven and a little eagle. Dogrocks was fun, I felt calm and happy and bored.


farm day excursion

On the 22nd of August, we went on an excursion that we called Farm Day.

On Farm Day we went to the Venter’s and George’s farms. First we went to the Venter’s farm, we did a lot of activities. One of the activities we did was the one where Joe showed us around the farm and we also had a quiz. Lee showed us how to shear a sheep, it took about 5 minutes. The sheep didn’t like it.

After we finished the activities we left the Venter’s farm and we drove on the bus to the George’s farm. At the George’s farm the son of the owner of the farm Davis showed us around. We went to a beautiful spot which had a great view. Davis told us that every generation Geelong gets a hill closer to the farm. Davis also told us that they spend a lot of time trying to replant trees on the farm.

I had a great time on farm day.



Reading response: you and me, murrawee

What does the author want us to think about?

I think the author wanted us to think about that aboriginal people are not that different from us. The girl in the story was explaining that she really wants to see the aboriginal girl and listen and live how they did. Like we both fish eat eggs etc.


Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 for me has been…..well challenging but fun and great. In term 1 the focus question was ‘how does our food garden grow’, our final project for term 1 was ‘the pot to plate project’, I grew Sugar snap peas, beetroot and radishes. But term 2 for me has been the best term I have ever had at school because the terms question was on of  my interests. In week 5A term 2 we finished the pot to plate project when we had the big feast on Friday (and here is the picture of what I made for the pot to plate feast).

The focus question for term 2 was ‘how are our living things around us connected’, the final project for term 2 was ‘the local animal diorama project’ where you chose a animal around the enviro and studied it. I chose the Straw-necked ibis and the Australian white ibis. You also got to borrow cameras and binoculars to look at birds and other animals.


Semester 1 has been a really good semester so far.

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