chess board

so far I have achieved making the chess board and I have made one set of figures. I have learnt that you need to sand exes glue off the chess board but sanding takes a long time.

Chess Board

I am making a chess board with draws to put the chess figures in. I’m using wood, a tape measure, hardware, saw and drills. I am looking forward to sanding the wood using the drill.


first I used foam and malted a river and made a road out of wood

and then I used foam blocks and made rock piles and malted it to shape and spay painted it and filled the gapes with Plasticine.

then I made fences with bamboo sticks and wire and foam as the bass.

then I used pipes and spray paint to make the sewerage pipes.

and then I put them together and it was complete.


Birke Baehr’s TED talk

We watched Birke Baehr’s TED talk.

he had three main messages. one of them was that chose organic food because he thought that all the food was organic but he found out that most of the food was not organic.he found out that they even use fish DNA in tomatoes.the last messages was that most of the combined fruits and vegetables could make fill sick or cancer. his eye con tacked was amazing and he did not look at his script. thought his most powerful tack away was that every one can help this problem one kid at a time

Passion Project

part 1

for my passion project i’m doing a battle field. The reason why I chose to do a battle field was because I all ways like war fields and blown up houses. And I like to set figurines on a battle field and making blown up houses and barbed wire. I’ll be using carpet, toothpicks, cardboard, polystyrene, wire,pipes, scissors, gravel, Playdoh, wood,a drill, fabric,spray paint ,plastic, gutter guards, paint and PVA glue.


part 2

so far, I have achieved cutting the one big plat in to three small ones, a road which goes straight through all of them and a river which goes under the bridge and each of the bases are interchangeable. I have learnt about measuring and cutting things precisely. it was really hard making the river in the foam but it worked which is good, the next thing that I’ll do is finish the bridge and then I well spray paint the foam and add all the obstacles.



Richard Turere’s TED Talk

We watched watch Richard Turere’s TED Talk. He got the messages across by using a story of his culture, life, problem, solutions and results, it was very effective. He lived near the the national park but the problem was that the lions would eat his cows and he did not want to kill the lions. He used lots of good photos to back up and show what he was talking about. His main message was that violence wasn’t necessary in saving his cows. Richard used lots of good presenting techniques like really good eye – contact and actions that engaged his audience. He was easy to listen and he wasn’t too funny his message was lost, but funny enough to connect with the audience.

Think online

before you go online and use social media and your about to do something which you well regret think

think is it true? because if it’s not it wold not help

think is it helpful? because if it is not it cold really hurt someone

think is it inspiring? because if it’s not it cold put them down

think is it necessary? because if it is not it’s for no reason

is it kind? because if it is not that’s not funny

and don’t forget think

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

At the start of Thomas Suarez’s TED talk he first talked about what he has made like his app. Then he talked about what he was making like how at school he made a ‘how two make a game’ club. He got the message across really clearly because he added humour along the way and did lots of good eye contact too and he was really confident with what he was saying. He also used head set mic and a clicker and an iPad  for his script and he used photos to back up what he was saying. The main message was that he wants more student to make apps and don’t be lazy and if you put your mind to it you can do anything.