My last design refection

the Rob Goldberg machine was very fun andĀ challenging Ā the best thing was having fun with my friends and itĀ finally worked andĀ IĀ understanding what did and didn’t work and that you need Sarton picas for it to work now we can set it up when ever we want to and it shod work I am lookingĀ forward toĀ year 6 and the challenges’ toĀ Ā her is a video of Rob Goldberg machine working

rob Goldberg machine

for design I am doing robĀ Goldberg machineĀ Ā withĀ George and BenĀ theseĀ are photosĀ of the Rob Goldberg machine

this is the design of the Goldberg machine


this is the start were the car goes down

this is the part were the car hits the marble

this is were the marble and goes down the tube

this is the tube wereĀ the marbleĀ goes down and lands in the cardboard tube

this is a videoĀ of the first attempt

it did not work

so instead of using so much dominos we put track for the pingpong ball




2 attempt

3 attempt

4 attempt

5 attempt