November 14

PP # update

My passion project is photography. My mum and I went down to the Barwon River to take some pictures of the early morning. We got pictures of animals and nature. It went really well and on the weekend, we are hoping to go down to my holiday house and take a few pictures on the beach in the morning for the sunrise or possibly even the sunset.


October 23

Conservation film

for inquiry I am making a film about the Australian fur seal, because they are on the 10 most endangered animals at the melborne zoo the first line is the PTC, this is my script:

The Australian fur seal is one of the most adorable animals. Unfortunately the seals are in the top ten most endangered animals at the Melbourne zoo. One of the reasons is due to our careless use of plastic bags. Plastic bags are currently under debate by the Andrews government who are calling for a ban on single use plastic bags as soon as possible which is wonderful news for our oceans. This species was almost hunted to extinction in earlier centuries. Now the Australian fur seal is a protected sea mammal. Of the top ten endangered animals at Melbourne Zoo the seals are the bottom of concerned list due to practices in place to help the seal numbers. However if the seals did become extinct there is a flow on affect and it will affect the sharks and other animals that hunt seals.

These beautiful sea creatures are called fur seals because they have two layers of fur. The outer layer of dark fur made of hairs and below sits an undercoat of fur. The base fur is thick and dense allowing the skin below to stay dry even when underwater. I look forward to the increase of the numbers of fur seals during my life time knowing we can make a deference in our world.

The 2 shots I am hoping to get is the seal swimming close to the glass and the seal above water.

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October 23

Building views

On the first picture we had to build a building and then kneel down & draw the front and side views. In the second picture we had to look at a building and record the birds eye view and write a number of how many blocks. We had to do each building 3 different ways, build it with exactly 15 blocks, do the minimum amount of blocks possible (for the first one it was 6), and the last way we had to find the maximum but it still had to have the same front and side view (for the first one it was 20). The most challenging part was trying to find the minimum, the first one the minimum was 6 but I could only use 7 and I was sure you could not get any lower but then she showed my how to only have 6 but slide a block down then take away one.


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October 23

Passion project 3 #description

For my last passion project I am doing photography & learning how to take better pictures. it has always been a passion of mine. I have always enjoyed it, and as we travel my interest and passion has grown. I am going to go down to the Barwon river & Anglesea to take pictures of the early morning. The local area around my neighbourhood at various times throughout the day provide many opportunities to take some interesting pictures.

September 21

Greek culture

Recently in RVE we have been researching about different country’s & cultures I have been researching about Greece.

The difference between Australia and Greek cultures are massive. We eat lots of different food to them. One of there favourite and most popular foods are souvlakis and charcoal grilled and roasted meats. There staple foods are also very different: olives/olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, lemons, nuts and honey.

Fashion is also something that are quite different, well hundreds or thousands of years ago at least! The traditional dresses that the women wore were completely different. The only times you will see the dresses is when they light the Olympic torch. The women dress up for that every 4 years.

If I lived in Greece I would eat gelato a lot, apparently they sell it over there every were. Shopping would be so fun, the traditional robes and dresses not so much, but the current fashions. Food over there as I talked about earlier would be so nice, considering how much I love olives and tomatoes and souvlakis!

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September 19

P.P refection post


I really enjoys making this film, but some of the shots you could only see the front of my skis and snow so that was annoying. but luckily that we got a few shots from behind me while skiing and shots of me coming down the slop. the other hard part was choosing the shots because I had so many!  the film turned out pretty well but honestly I thought it would turn out a little better, because it is kind of clunky and the scenes did not work well.

I tried my best and it still looks good. when looking through the music on ben sound it was hard to find some that worked with the film.

August 21

P.P #description post


For my P.P I am doing a video about my 1 week holiday next week and hopefully that is enough to make a good film. The video that I am going to make will be short and probably be quite short. (2 min) I think that it will have lots of shots with just me skiing but I do not have very much time to plan it,( shotlist, shots, PTC, etc.) so when I get there I will probably just improvise every thing so I am just hoping that it will turn out ok. the only other problem is that I have not been skiing in ages and most of my shots will probably be me falling over.

August 20

OTTT Split point lighthouse

For my OTTT I am doing split point light house and I am really exited about researching about it and working with my group.

the lighthouse is in Aireys inlet and was built in 1891 and was set to automatic rotation in 1919. so in between then there were light house keepers who ran it every night. the light flashed in groups and flashed 4 times every 20 seconds.

the original name for it was eagles nest point. I am not sure why they called it that or why it was changed to split point. I have seen the light house but ages ago over the summer holidays and I am exited to have a tour of the light house soon. here are some random facts about the lighthouse: hight:34m opened:1891 construction: concrete.

the story about the lighthouse:

At 8.00pm there was a boat and a sailor and the light on the light house was red but At 9.45pm he reported to his captain that the light had changed to white. But not for long! The captains boat was being pushed around by the current. the night was mostly calm but as soon an the rain had fallen on them the sea started to go crazy after a southwest strong wind as well. the crew through there anchors down but it didn’t do much.

However they were wedged between the two shelves of rock that form Ingoldsby Reef at Anglesea. they sails were put up and set but lots of the crew went to the lifeboat. Maybe the Split Point Light was mistaken for Pt Lonsdale, and the little boat was expecting to beach at Pt Lonsdale or even Queenscliff. some of the crew remained on the boat and the others went to the lifeboat. both boats headed east to the rough seas and crazy wind. they did not know it, they were approaching Barwon Heads. Later the lifeboat was also.

June 13

P.P editing

I started filming late so I have not yet finished editing on premiere. I have added all the footage in and it was around 15-20 mins so I sped up some things then it was 10 min then I cut out some more footage and it ended up being around 8 or 9 mins and I don’t think I could cut out anymore. I am happy with how mine turned out and especially the cake it was amazing!!I was glad the editing that I have done so far has only taken around 10 mins so I am happy with that!


May 30

P.P Production post

Originally for my passion project I was doing stop motion with some toys and that is what my planning post was about, I decided to change my mind because I was not enjoying it and I could not think of a story line. I decided to do cooking because I love cooking more. I did my cooking on the weekend but I decided to change on Thursday night, so I had to think of what cake to do. I had seen lots of pictures of this cake online and I thought it was really cute so then my mum and I went shopping for all the ingredients like the fondant, icing, tins, gold spay and edible glitter and the cake mix of obviously. cooking it was a lot harder and messier than expected. we filmed most of it but at some parts my mum forgot to press record or pressed it to late! so I am missing some footage but hopefully I can work around that.