June 13

P.P editing

I started filming late so I have not yet finished editing on premiere. I have added all the footage in and it was around 15-20 mins so I sped up some things then it was 10 min then I cut out some more footage and it ended up being around 8 or 9 mins and I don’t think I could cut out anymore. I am happy with how mine turned out and especially the cake it was amazing!!I was glad the editing that I have done so far has only taken around 10 mins so I am happy with that!


May 30

P.P Production post

Originally for my passion project I was doing stop motion with some toys and that is what my planning post was about, I decided to change my mind because I was not enjoying it and I could not think of a story line. I decided to do cooking because I love cooking more. I did my cooking on the weekend but I decided to change on Thursday night, so I had to think of what cake to do. I had seen lots of pictures of this cake online and I thought it was really cute so then my mum and I went shopping for all the ingredients like the fondant, icing, tins, gold spay and edible glitter and the cake mix of obviously. cooking it was a lot harder and messier than expected. we filmed most of it but at some parts my mum forgot to press record or pressed it to late! so I am missing some footage but hopefully I can work around that.

May 30

The lost princess

We watched a film about being online and being safe and what not to do online and what to do if something bad happens online. it was about four characters and three of them were real story’s and one of them were made up.

I am doing mine about a girl called Lucy who she had the same password for everything and when the bullies stole her phone they could get into everything like emails and online websites. she was also confused about wether it was bulling or not because the other girls were not actually hurting her.in the end everything turned out ok because she told her dad who called the police. she got her phone back and she had a different password for everything and she did not keep it on her phone she just remembered it and never told anyone.

May 26

Maths win at the fair.

In the last few maths sessions we were playing win at the fair. we all did a test were we all played the game and we did a tally at the end about the game and we found out about that the game board is not working. So then we went off and designed our own game board. Some of us decided that we would be mean and make a no prize spot. We also changed the moves of the rolls. this was my last copy. I originally had a 0.00 prize spot but then I changed it to 0.30 because I think some people will not play it. I did a few tests of 1000 people playing it and I got around 300 dollars witch was what our target was.

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May 23

DC Cartoons

I find this funny because this I can relate to this a lot. I am on my phone a lot in spare time. I also think that the cartoon style is funny with the big eyes and small mouth. I think the message is that you need to switch of your iPhone more or iPad sometimes and do other things instead and you need to be aware of how much you are on your devices. After looking at this cartoon more I still think it is funny but only because it is that relatable but Its message is stronger.

May 22

Birke Baehr’s TED talk

I know  I said I liked Richards TED talk the most but I also really like Birke Baehr’s! the message is crystal clear and powerful witch is what you need for a great TED talk. the message is that you need to be aware about what you are eating and were it is from. you also need to know how much chemicals are in things to make them last longer and food like that can make you sick.  if you want to help the community you should bye it from farmers, even if it might cost moreit is better for you.

he makes him message clear and to make it more interesting. he used the power point and the clicker to make it more clear and that. I also think that he moved around the stage enough but maybe he moved his hands enough. he had a lot of picture to keep it interesting.

there was one picture witch was quite sad and it was the one with the cows and chickens but like in Richards it makes the TED talk stronger and makes it a little bit more emotion.

May 19

Richard Turere TED Talk

I loved this TED talk it was really powerful and inspiring, Richard worded it well he also spoke really clear and he did not stumble his words at any time. The takeaway from this is that changes can happen at any time and keep trying because you never know what could that do for you in the future.

I loved the part were he showed the diagram that he drew, the images definitely suit what he was saying there was also a lot more that Tomas Suarez. The message was really clear and the images helped that, because they were so strong it really connected with the audience. He delivered it really clearly and not to fast.

I liked the emotion change and how it started of really sad but got happier at the end were he got to fly on a plane and the lions stopped killing the animals.

If I could give him feedback I would say he could of moved around a little bit more he just stood still the whole time but besides that I really enjoyed it.

May 16

Thomas Suarez TED talk

The message in his TED talk was about creating apps and inspiring kids to create apps and try something new. to help get his message more clear he used visuals he only had to slide he probably could of had more but the slides are not the important part. I loved this ted talk because it was not boring and it hooked and I did not want to stop watching, the message was really clear and he spoke clear, not to fast he was passionate about his topic he also involved personal experiences. watching his TED talk made me really exited to start on mine.


May 14

P.P #2 Planning

I am so exited to start on this stop motions that I might start some of it this weekend. I tried to be really creative with the storyline and use different Lego characters from different films in my story. I have angry birds in it and star wars characters. I have watched lots of YouTube video’s to make it as good as possible, like making things fly (not just blue tacking it to the wall behind) the way you do that is take to pictures, one without the flying object and then another one with the flying object being held up by clay or something that you can mould. Then you click on the one with the clay and you can just erase it. I was playing around with this and it was amazing.

May 9


Netiquette is online etiquette, it means being nice and kind online, and not to be rude online you always need to make sure you communicate clearly and check your spelling, punctuation, and gramma. Also never, write in caps otherwise the other people with think your shouting online and it can make people feel bad even if you do not mean it.

Flaming is where one person or one comment is put online and people sometimes make it mean on purpose and those people are called trolls. However, once that mean comment or post is up online often-other people will comment on it, many rude comments will come online, and this often happens when people disagree on something or they have very strong feelings on something.

Anonymous is where you don’t put your real name online and you don’t have your profile picture as you then people don’t know it is you and when you say things or rude thing you don’t get in trouble because you are hiding behind a computer screen.

Most important you always want to get your parents’ permission and always check age restrictions