Passion Project- Complete

I think my product turned out I little bit different because I filmed at some different spots so it looked different in my head. I think I have done really well in my editing because I found things out to make it look better. I also did well in my filming because I didn’t forget to film anything. I think I have improved on my editing because I have learnt new techniques and effects. I learnt how to use a shot list better. But I think next time I need to add a bit more because it was really short.   

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Triple R Reflection

In triple R we have been focusing on the 16 habits of mind. Today we have been working on listening with understanding and empathy. Firstly we did an activity where Mrs Flakemore told use to draw grass, a small hill and big hill, a tree and a bird. Then we walked around the room and looking how different every body’s where.

Next Mrs Flakemore wrote little sense and we made little plays of them, I was Leo and me and him showed “my dog died” and “I lost my wallet/phone to the class. So I have learnt that everybody interprets things different to other people.

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Passion Project: Feedback

I showed my dad my passion project and he thought to was really cool and entertaining. So I asked him to give me some feedback. First he gave me some positive feedback and he said that he thought my tricks were shot from some really cool angles. He also said that he thought that the music suited the subject and he really liked my two slow motion shots. Then he gave me some constructive feedback. The first thing he said was that the music was too loud so I turned it down. Also he said that I should change the font for the credits, so that it matches with the text at the start so I did. He also corrected same spelling mistakes in my credits.

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Billiard Ball Bounces

In project maths lately we have been doing a problem called billiard ball bounces. In this game there is a ball on a billiard table. First you have to hit it from the bottom left corner and hit it on a 45 degree angle and keep hitting the ball on a 45 degree angle in til it goes in a pocket.. The table is a certain size like a grid, for example, 8*9. It will rebound on a 45 degree angle if it come to the edge of the table where there is no pocket and continue it’s path. We were finding out the amount of bounces for every different sized table.

First I started of by playing on a massive billiard table to try to get the amount of bounces, one of the billard tables was 5×6 which equals 9.

Next we worked on a work sheet trying to find the amount of bounces to lot’s of different size billiard tables. Then we made are own billiard table and found the amount of bounces. I looked at the billiard tables and I realise a rule, the rule is you plus the length by the width and then mines that by two and you get the amount of bounces. For example the table is 11 by 5 and the answer is 14.  There are some exception though like you can’t have a even and even width and length, the length and the width can’t both be multiples of 5 and can’t be 69 and 21.

That is the rule I have found for billiard bounces.

Passion Project- Editing

The techniques I used was text on the screen at the start when I say flipping. I used Adobe Premiere Pro because I think it is the best software for film making I can accesses and I also used flipagram because it is to flim. I tried a lot of new things in my editing like changing the volume of the music at different times, trying different angles that I have not used before and lastly I tried new tricks in my filming. In editing I learnt how to change the colour of the text on the screen.

Passion Project- Production

I have finally finished my production. I think I found some really cool spots to film, some really good camera angles, I had some really cool slow mo and I learnt a new trick (side flip of some thing). I think it was really hard to find a time to film and I got over it by finding a time after school. I also found it hard to get good camera angles and I over came it bye doing every trick in different angles and using the best one.

Conservation Film

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This term we are creating a film on an endangered species. I chosen the Baw Baw Frog because I didn’t know anything about the Baw Baw Frog so I really wanted to learn about some thing new and now I have learnt about the Baw Baw Frog I want to try to help them to go extinct by raise lots of awareness for this amazing frogs.

I had already picked my PTC it is the part where I tell the my audience about how many Baw Baw Frogs are being killed. “The Baw Baw Frog’s wild population has dropped by more than 98% since the late 1980s by Fungus called Chytrid.” The reason I chose this line was because I think it will make people care more about the Baw Baw Frog because it tells how quick the Baw Baw Frog is getting extinct.

I think I will include one or two full shot of the Baw Baw Frog in his enclosure. A lot of close ups of just the frog and if I can try get a planning shot of the Baw Baw frog moving. I am differently going to have a mid shot of me when I am doing my piece to camera in front of the Baw Baw frog enclosure.


The Baw Baw frog is an amazing frog that lives on Mt Baw Baw that’s right they have a mountain named after them. But that is the only part of the world that they live in. You are probably wondering how this small harmless little frog is getting killed.


The Baw Baw is incredibly strong for their size. Using their strength, Baw Baw frogs can burrow below the moss and earth with ease, to hunt for worms under the ground. A Baw Baw is about the size of a 5-cent piece. The tadpoles hatch between 5-8 weeks later, much earlier than most other frogs, the tadpoles do not feed and instead live off their own yolk sack before turning into frogs. (PTC) The Baw Baw Frog’s wild population has dropped by more than 98% since the late 1980s by Fungus called Chytrid, They are also being killed by habitat loss from us building ski resorts.


Now The Melbourne Zoo is making a breading program to help them to grow there population. So recycle your rubbish so that the rubbish descent poison the rivers around them. So go spread the word about the Baw Baw frog, to try to win the race to extinct.

Passion Project- Planning

I have prepared my passion project by practising my flips so that I could get better for when I start doing my filming. I have also prepared to get my dad to film me and I am going to heat the pool because I am going to flip into my pool. In my shot list I have included Full Shots for when I do the trick MS when I do same flips on my tramp, some slow mo shots when I am flipping, some text at the start saying my passion project and also two say my credits. The next step for me is what equipment I am going to use in my film because I have some in mind but I am not quite sure yet also I need to think about what tricks I am going to do. Here is my shot list:


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Passion Project- Description

This Terms I have decided to do my passion project on a inspiration flipping video again.

I have decided to do my passion project on flipping again because last time I thought it turned out really good. This time I’m just going to do it around my house and at my local park to make it easier.

The purpose of my passion project is to inspire people to start flipping. The message I am trying to communicate is that flipping is really fun and easy. My audience is every body because I am trying to inspire everybody to start flipping. I am looking forward to the filming because I get to do my passion. I am also looking forward to the editing because I think it is really fun. Even though I think editing is fun I’m not the best at it so I think that is going to be the most challenging thing.

So that is what I have decided to do. 

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Japanese Culture

I have decided to do my country investigation on Japan. The reason I have done my country investigation on Japan is because it is my favourite country and I love the food and the sport in Japan. I also chose it because at my old school I learnt Japanese so I would like to know more about Japan.

I think that Australia and japan are really different because in japan there sports are really different like they do judo and we play football. Also the food is really different, in Japan there diet is rice, vegetables seafood fruit and a little bit of meat and in Australia we eat a lot of meat and vegetables. Lastly the clothes in japan are really different because they wear kimonos or wafukus but in Australia we wear shorts and T-Shirts.

Some of the similarities are the religions because a lot of people in Australia are Christian and some people in japan are Christian too. Also people in Australia celebrate new year and people in japan celebrate new year too.

If I lived in japan I would really like the food because sushi is my favourite food and I really like most seafood. I would also like the sport because they have some really interesting sports that would be really cool to watch. I think the most challenging thing would be that I can’t speak Japanese so it would be hard to do any thing and it is really busy which I don’t like.

I hope you have liked my project on Japanese culture.