Passion Project- Description

This Terms I have decided to do my passion project on a inspiration flipping video again.

I have decided to do my passion project on flipping again because last time I thought it turned out really good. This time I’m just going to do it around my house and at my local park to make it easier.

The purpose of my passion project is to inspire people to start flipping. The message I am trying to communicate is that flipping is really fun and easy. My audience is every body because I am trying to inspire everybody to start flipping. I am looking forward to the filming because I get to do my passion. I am also looking forward to the editing because I think it is really fun. Even though I think editing is fun I’m not the best at it so I think that is going to be the most challenging thing.

So that is what I have decided to do. 

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Japanese Culture

I have decided to do my country investigation on Japan. The reason I have done my country investigation on Japan is because it is my favourite country and I love the food and the sport in Japan. I also chose it because at my old school I learnt Japanese so I would like to know more about Japan.

I think that Australia and japan are really different because in japan there sports are really different like they do judo and we play football. Also the food is really different, in Japan there diet is rice, vegetables seafood fruit and a little bit of meat and in Australia we eat a lot of meat and vegetables. Lastly the clothes in japan are really different because they wear kimonos or wafukus but in Australia we wear shorts and T-Shirts.

Some of the similarities are the religions because a lot of people in Australia are Christian and some people in japan are Christian too. Also people in Australia celebrate new year and people in japan celebrate new year too.

If I lived in japan I would really like the food because sushi is my favourite food and I really like most seafood. I would also like the sport because they have some really interesting sports that would be really cool to watch. I think the most challenging thing would be that I can’t speak Japanese so it would be hard to do any thing and it is really busy which I don’t like.

I hope you have liked my project on Japanese culture.



I think my product turned out I little bit different because I filmed at a different long jump pit so it looked different in my head. I think I have done really well in my editing because I found things out to make it look better. I also did well in my filming because I didn’t forget to film anything. I think I have improved on my editing because I have learnt new techniques. I learnt how to use a shot list better. I think next time I need to add a bit more because it was really short.   

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I showed my dad my passion project and he thought to was excellent. So I asked him to give me some feedback. First he gave me some positive feedback and he said that he thought my voice overs where really clear. He also said that he thought that the music suited the subject.  Then he gave me some constructive feedback. The first thing he said was that the music was to loud so I turned it down. Also he said that I should change the font for the credits, so that it matches with the text at the start so I did.

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The techniques I used was text on the screen for the credits and at the start saying ”How to Long Jump”, I changed the volume and I add slow motion . I used Adobe Premiere Pro because I think it is the best software for film making I can accesses. I tried a lot of new things in my editing like changing the volume of the music at different times, trying different angles that I have not used before and lastly I worked out how to change the text. In editing I learnt how to change the text font on the screen.


I have finally finished my production. I think I chose a really good pit to film in, I had lots of shots in different places and really good camera angles, I had some really good slow mo when I was jumping and I chose a good day to flim. I think it was hard to find a good angle when I was jumping because I did about ten different jumps to find the best angle and I got over it by trying different angles until I found the best angle. I also found it hard to find a place to record me doing the warm ups because it was a bit busy so I got over it by filming the warm ups on a different time of day.


In class today we had somebody who works at adobe come in to the class and teach us about it. at the start he asked us questions about adobe then he told us a lot o facts like dead pool was edited on adobe premier pro which is one of my favourite movies I also leant that adobe has been around for 26 years and I learnt much more. Then we were set the challenge to turn Chloe into Charlie which was easy but fun. After that we put Charlie into adobe character animater and made him move and put in a background. Next we learnt about adobe spark, we learnt how to make a poster and a video and here they are:


Labyrinth in the library

Today we watched a play called Labyrinth in the library. I thought the play had some really messages in it. I Think the first message is that books can be so much bigger. I also thought that the other one was that we should get of technology but I disagree because I think that technology is a easier why of finding things out and if you are looking on your phone you can find lots of cool facts that you wounded find in a book.

I think that all the props and his set was really cool. I liked his puppets because he was the only person in the show so I think that using the puppets make it so that you think there is more people in it, so it really works. I think that his set perfect for what the play was about. I also think that it was really funny almost the whole time.

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Geelong Gaol Pitch OTTT

I am going to do my OTTT project on the Geelong Gaol. Before the Geelong Gaol all the prisoners where stored on boats in Stingray Bay. The Geelong Gaol was made in 1850 with bluestone. The first prisoners were admitted in 1853. Even the most tough criminals were scared by the conditions. It took 16 years to complete the gaol (1849 to 1865). A total of six convicts were hanged in Geelong between 1854 to 1865.

I want to do my main story on how the prisoner broke out of the gaol in 1945. I also wonder if some of the people that broke out of the gaol are still alive and if they have family members that are still alive.  I also want to include some of the weird deaths that happened in the gaol.

I think the story is worth spreading because I think that it is pretty cool how they escaped and I also think it would add I bit of humour to keep people watching it if I do the weird deaths.

I think I want to have an interview with the guide because I think it would really add to it. I also want to have a re-enactment of the brake out at the Geelong Gaol.

I hope you liked my work.

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In science we have been learning about microorganisms. A microorganisms is a living thing that the naked eye cant see like a bacterium, virus, or some times fungus.

How have Microorganisms changed our life?
Micro-organisms affect our lives in  different ways.
The good ways- Mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms such as photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast and fermenting fungi can positively improve the soil fertility as well as plant productivity.
BAD WAY- They can cause diseases and sicknesses. They also spoil food if it’s not stored or cooked properly and you can’t see them so they could be on your food.

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