Knight’s Tour

In 6B we have started a new game called Knight’s Tour which looks really fun. In the knights tour you have to cover all the 64 squares using the right moves which is a L shape.



At the start we explored the game on paper and I tried different pattern and starting in different places. The strategies I used was guess and check at the start then I tried coffering all the corners first and it was working pretty well so I tried some other things like going across the page as I go and also doing 4ths at a time.

In the 2nd lesson I kept working on paper and writing down dater I found. I found that I average around 50 because I did it 5 times and I got the data down below. I found that doing the corners first was the best strategy because I got 63, 56 and 45 and the other answers where using other strategies.

In the third lesson I worked on the computer game. I got a lot more dater because it is easier on a computer to play I kept using the same strategies but I explored starting in different spots and I found that the corners are the best because I got 64 twice. Here are my results:


The techniques I used was text on the screen location the place and at the start. I used Adobe Premiere Pro because I think it is the best software for film making I can accesses. I tried a lot of new things in my editing like changing the volume of the music at different times, trying different angles that I have not used before and lastly I tried new tricks in my filming. in editing I learnt how to change the colour of the text on the screen.


Reading Rant on The 39 Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

This reading rants is on The 39 Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. This is a small summary of the story. Andy and Terry lived in a 39 story treehouse. In the story Terry invents this awesome machine that writes books for them, but the machine turns evil and kicks them out of there treehouse. Will they get there treehouse back?

The 39 Storey Treehouse is definitely a humour because it is so funny. It is really funny when Professor Stupido uninvents himself. I also think it is funny how Jill (Andy and Terry’s next door neighbour) has so many pets.

My favourite character was Terry because he was always really funny and he relates to me a bit in the book because he likes to explore and make things. But I didn’t really like Professor Stupido because he is a bit boring sometimes when he talks because it isn’t funny and he gets rid of stuff which reminds me of my sister.

The thing I didn’t like about the plot was when Andy and Terry where floating in nothing because it was so boring I stopped reading for the night.

I recommend this book to people that like really funny books and adventurous books. I think if you like Tom Gates or Diary of a Wimpy Kid you should like this book.

I give it a 9.5/10 because it was really funny but some times it dragged on a bit.


I have finally finished my production. I think I found some really cool spots to film, some really good camera angles, I had some really cool slow mo and I did a flip with sparkles. I think it was really hard to dig the hole in the ground and I got over it by getting my dad to help. I also found it hard to get good camera angles and I over came it bye doing every trick in different angles and using the best.



Project Maths

In project maths we have been working on a game at the fair. To begin with, we explored the game. Ollie and I explored the game and record data and I did that bye recording what Ollie and I rolled and what money we got. This got thinking that you roll 6 a lot and Ollie and I got 50c a lot to. This got me thinking why do you roll six so much and what is the chance of getting it? I found out the reason I rolled it so much is because there is a lot of combinations for 6 on a dice like 3 and 3, 2 and 4 and 1 and 5 so that is way I think you roll it so much.

In lesson 2 we started exploring the virtual game and I just pressed the space bar and it rolled for me and I collected some more dater for the class dater. But then I did some 10000 trails and found the game is loosing money. This got me thinking does the game loose every time so I did 25 10 trails and every time the game lost.

lesson 3

I think it is easiest to get 50c and hardest to get $5.  I found that the fair game was losing money because I did 50 trails and they lost 16.40. So I made this game board and the class data:

Copy of Book1-uq8hds


Birke Baehr TED Talk

In class today we had inquiry where we are working on Ted Talks again (Technology, Education, design). We watched a TED Talk by a guy called Birke Baehr and he is 12. It was about how most food these day’s have a lot of bad chemicals and other stuff but organic food which has just normal with nothing in it. I think that the main messages are that most food now has bad things in it the other message is buy organic food because it is better for you another message is that if every body does little things it will be a big thing. I think he got the messages to his audience bye making them laugh and having really powerful picture which got me in to the TED Talk also he moved around a bit but not to much. The technical he used was the big screen in the background showing pictures to help support his script. I think he talked pretty well because he didn’t mumble very much. He tort me that most farms put chemicals in there food but some farms grow organic food.


Think Online

In Triple R today we have been working on Digital Citizenship. I believe that every interaction online should be approved be the app that you are using so that it is not a fend the person you are sending it to.

Think stands fore:

True because you don’t what to make some thing up and hurt somebodies feelings.

Helpful because there is know point of posting something that doesn’t help people.

Inspiring because you what it to inspirer others.

Necessary because if it isn’t necessary there is know point of it.

Kind be kind when you post.

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Richard Turere TED Talk

In class today we had inquiry where we are working on Ted Talks (Technology, Education, design). We watched a TED Talk by a guy called Richard Turere and he is 12. It was about an invent he made that scared lions away from his live stock. I think that the main message are if you don’t do it the first time keep trying even if it takes one hundred try’s. I think another message is little things can be big things. I think he got the messages to his audience bye making them laugh and having really powerful picture which got me in to the TED Talk. The technical he used was the big screen in the background showing pictures. I think he talked pretty well because he didn’t mumble at all. He tort me that lions don’t like moving light.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

In inquire we are working on TED talks (Technology, Education, design). The main messages are that you can do it, find a way and kids should be able to make apps. He got the messages across to his audience bye making them laugh. He used a iPad and the big screen. He has used the big screen well because he showed pictures.

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