What groups do you belong to?

  • Sport
  • Athletics
  • Social media group
  • Girls group
  • Geelong College

Why do we become members of a group?

  • Because you want to get to know some more friends and you think you will fit in with them. I became a member in my group because the people in those groups I’m in are a lot like me they like sport.
  • Meet new people and help others

What stories do we remember and retell of the groups we belong to?

Talking about athletics and when we won the relay and we were all proud of each other.

I really like being in the athletics team and meeting new people and learning a lot more about them I also like being the athletics because they all like running too and we have a lot in common so there is a lot so topics we can talk about.

Book Review!

Write a blog post book review. Discuss the purpose of a book review and how it is composed. – Snapshot of story line – Rating out of 5 – List if you think there is a moral, theme to this story – Compare the experiences of Tom with a character from another book

This is the story about a boy that moves to Darwin because of his dad. Tom (is the main character) Tom’s dad works for the wharf.

This is a story about a boy named Tom how’s dad has got a job in the military. Tom had to move to Darwin but unfortunately war is going on. Toms mum workers at the post offers if I was her I would think twice about working there read the book and you will under stand why. I really like the story line of this book and how it is set during the war. It made me sad when I think about all the kids in the war and how some of their parents are dead and how they need to make there on trenchers.

List if you think there is a moral, theme to this story

  • Even thought war was going on everyone stayed friends and even made new friendships such as the group of boys he meets at the end.
  • In this book tom and his dad were close although tom’s dad worked on the wharf most days.

Compare the experiences of Tom with a character from another book​

I would compare Tom with Mary because they both lived a hard life. Mary got taking away from both her parents and Tom’s mum died. They both didn’t have very good childhoods such as in Toms childhood war was going on and in Marys the stolen generation was going on.

I rate this book



I rate this book a three out of five because I did like how it was set when war was going on. I like how it made me aware of what those kids went though. I didn’t really like how Toms mum died but besides from that I thought the story line was very good.


I am very exited to read a marathon on her own.






I watch as people leaped of the leap of faith and try to grab the trapezes, my first reaccession was NOOOO WAY I WOULD DO THAT. For about five minutes I continued watch the people getting chucked of the trapeze or though I did look quite fun. To be able to have a go you need to help someone else by being clipped to the other side of the rope and evening the weight out. I decided to have a go, so I help the person in front of me and then it was my turn. CLICK, CLINK I’m just checking if I’m clipped in, I also check my backups just in case. I’m nervous, a flow of breeze strikes passed my face the shivers run down my body. As I walk over to the ladder. Step by step I slowly make my way up the ladder it was starting to get high, after you complete the ladder there is a long log with things that look like horse shoes sticking out of the log they are handy because it gives you something to step on. At last I’m at the top down the bottom is my friends encouraging me, from up here it all sounds like a blur. The post wiggles amnesty it fells like if you stand still it will stop but it doesn’t. I can hear my self-breathing heavily, I take a minuet to look at the incredible view the trees rustle as the water from the lake simmers with glimpsers of sparklers. I hear voices in my head saying 3… 2… 1…  I TAKE A BIG BREATH AND LEAP the world goes silent, my fingers nick the trapezes, it filings me off and from there on I don’t remember anything because my eyes were closed I think I was falling.




Today I had my first lesson on my term three project, I am working with Charlotte and Romy and we are making a snow mountain. It is called MRC because its the first letter of all our names.


  • Icy pop sticks
  • LED’s
  • Lego
  • Lego we-do 2.0 motors
  • Hummingbird kit
  • Instant snow
  • Paper Mache
  • Chicken wire
  • model trees
  • Pulley (Simple Machine)
  • 3-D printing
  • String
  • Coloured tissue paper

Today I started wto do a draft drawing of the ski lift which will be on the mountain. Charlotte did one too. Romy did a draft drawing of the ski lodge that we are making out of icy pop sticks. In the second lesson today Charlotte, Romy and I went up to the enviro to get some chicken wire to mould the mountain shape. To cover the chicken wire we are using paper Mache. At the bottom of the mountain we are putting model trees, Charlotte is bringing snow spray to spray on the trees to make an effect of snow. On the mountain there are three chairlifts, the chairlift chairs are going to be 3-D printed. On the mountain we are making two Magic carpets using Lego we-do 2.0 programming. Down the side of the mountain is going to be a cafe made out of icy pop sticks. On the top of the mountain is going be a lodge with LED lights. The Lodge is made out of icy pop sticks as well. At the bottom there is also going be another lodge made out of icy pop sticks.

Here is a picture of the layout of the mountain ⬇

GREEN : Lodges

GREY : Magic carpets

LIGHT BLUE : Ski lift


ORANGE : Ski lift

PINK : Trees

PURPLE : Ski lift

RED : Café

BLACK : Outline of the mountain

This is photo of the drawing I drew in design today:


I missed two lesions because I was at robo-cup.


Today in the first lesion Romy, Charlotte I started on the mountain, so we moulded the mountain shape using the chicken wire it was harder then we expected it was going to be, In the end we moulded it by me standing in the middle and Romy and Charlotte moulded it around my legs. Once we finished moulding the mountain shape we tried to hot glue it to and big board but the chicken wire was to strong so it did not work so we used the staple gun and we stapled the chicken wire down instead. In the next lesion Charlotte started making the lodges out of icy pops stick and Romy and I started the paper mashie it was very messy it took quite a long time so we only got time do half of the mountain it came alone quite well. here is a photo of we have so far.

This what we have so far.

In the last lesion I blogged because I needed to catch up because I have been at robo-cup.

Here is some photos from the day!


What has work so far?

I think the mountain shape was really good I thought that the moulding would be harder. Charlotte made a ski lodge out of icy pop sticks that turned out better than we do all thought it would. The paper mache that covers the mountain worked well and now I think will be easier to paint it.

What has challenged you so?

We made ski lodges out of icy pop sticks but we thought it would take 30 minutes to make one and instead to make one it took a hole lesson. The paper macha took quite a long time we’ve only done one layer and we need to do two more. It was challenging hot glue the chicken wire onto the board so in the end we just used the staple gun.

Have you made any changes to your original plan?

We were going to have a lot of chair lifts on the mountain but we don’t have enough time so we are only having two lifts. We are also getting rid of most of the trees and only having trees on the side of the mountain instead of the bottom because we couldn’t find enough Lego trees. We were going to make the chair lift huts out of Lego but now we are making them out of icy pop sticks.

Where to next?

On Friday the 24th we are going to aim to finish the mountain and have it painted and hopefully have one more lodge done and make three chair lift huts out if icy pop sticks.


Charlotte is still at the snow so Romy and I worked on the mountain. Today we were able to achieve what we hoped we would which was finishing the paper Mache mountain. We were hoping to do three layers but it took a very long time so we just did two layers but it still worked fine.  It takes quite a long time to do paper Mache so we were happy that we finished, so now we can go on with the paint next lesson. To finish the mountain it took a hour and a half so we had half an hour to try and finish some lodges Romy started on Tuesday, Audrey help us so we were able to complete one.

Here is a photo of the lodge we completed and what the mountain looks like now.

Photo coming Monday


today we didn’t work on the mountain we just finished the create part of the sheet in our design book. That only took about one lesson and the rest of the lesson we just made the lodges out of the icy pop sticks . We did realise something the lodges that we have been making, we completed three but there are too big so they take up most of the mountain so decided to use the small icy pop sticks so then we can make village at the bottom of the mountain.

Today 31/08/2018

Today we finished the paper Mache. we did learn that we have to ring the paper Mache because we found out that all the paper Mache was ripping so we decided to only put a bit of glue on it. after we started the paint it had some blue in the white the paper Mache was still a bit wet from the glue. we did have a bit of a problem because at the bottom of the mountain all the paper Mache started pealing of and ripping so we might have to do some paper Mache next Friday. on Friday we are going to work on finishing the hole mountain so then there is not holes and all of it is painted.

Your will see down the bottom of the mountain you can still se some chicken wire, but we are going to masking tape over it.

This is a video of the mountain.




FIRDAY 7/09/2018

Today we had two lesions on design. Charlotte and Romy were away so I didn’t get out the mountain I just worked on making some lodges I think that was a good idea because we are a bit behind on the lodges because we spent a lot of time making one really good one but when we put it on the mountain it was so big so we have to make the lodges again but this time we are cutting the icy pop sticks in half. at the start of the lesion Mr Colbert tolled us about the new secession on the sheet in our design book it says things like : What have you completed?, What are you aiming to get finished?, Have you made any changers to you original plan? and more questions like that.


We need to finish the Lego we-do motor chair lifts, I think that I will not take that long because Charlotte and I have experiences with making Lego we-do chair lifts because be choose to make one in simple machines.

We need to finish the magic carpets, LED lodge, and all the decoration.


We have five lesions left and after this lesion we only have two lesions on Tuesday  on Friday next week with got the expedition from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning where parents can come and see what we have been working on this term it also gives us an opportunity to see what the others have been working this term.  For our expedition we have decided to make a poster of what has worked and what hasn’t, things we have change from original plan and things we still need to get finish. We are also including some photos of things like when we finished moulding the mountain and then when we finish painting the mountain  and things like that on another piece of cardboard we are going to print out a picture of what the finished product is at this point. Today was a  successful day because we started to put together the mountain and I thought it looks really good.  We did realise that there was some gaps where we could still see the news paper so we did a bit more painting that only took about 20 minutes and then after that we put it out to dry so then we could get a start on assembling the mountain.  Charlotte got a start on making the chairlift she did have a few problems with that because the string going around kept falling off the wheel. And she’s the only one in a group that has the Lego we do 2.0 software so Romy and I will have to download it before Tuesday so we can get a start on seeing if it works going around.  Romy and I went to the enviro and got some twigs of the trees because we thought that would be a better idea than spending a lot of money on fake Lego trees. To stick the trees on the mountain we got some blue tack and put it at the bottom of the tree and stuck it to the mountain it looked really good and a lot like the trees on a snow mountain. Romy made a river using blue foil she put it in a bunch of trees so it looks really good.  We did have a bit of a problem near the end when we were putting the chairlift on the mountain it wasn’t high enough so I look through the bag to see if we could find anything and we found a big lodge we cut the bottom off and put on the mountain and it was the right size for the Lego we do motor go on.  When we had finished putting all of the things on the mountain at the top it was a bit plane so we decided to use our original lodge and just add some LED lights we will do that on Tuesday and for the rest of the lesson document what we’ve got so far.

This is a video of what the mountain looks like now!


  • Which ideas are important?

I think it is a good idea for our expo to show the person instead of just telling them because then they know how to do in the future. I think it’s a good idea for Charlotte to just focus on finishing the chairlift because we don’t have much things moving or using electricity.

  • What will happen if…?

This term we have just basically completed the mountain and make it looked really cool and complete the chair lifts  we are wondering if we should continue this and make mountain better in  term four such as add magic carpets, LED light up lodges make it look way cooler but we don’t know if we should just leave it like it is or try some new things like sewing.

  • What else do I need to do?

We have almost complete the mountain to what we had thought it was going to look like we just need to get the chair lifts working and some LEDs on the lodge at the top if we don’t get that its fine because that will take quite a long time. I also need to finish some documenting in my design book because that’s actually more important than the actual model. We did a lot of the designing in charlottes book.  We designed how to build the structure of the mountain and what materials we would need. Before doing anything we will draw it out in the book so we would know how to make it before we waste materials on something that doesn’t work.

  • How could I do better?

To make our mountain better we could have added more things we have learnt throughout year in design such as hummingbird LED circuits and things like that.  Next term when we doing another project like this I’m going to work on doing a bit more documenting I did quite a lot of documenting but I think if you document makes the project easier because you know what you’re going to work on next lesson.

  • Did I solve the problem?

We had a problem where the string was tied. it was too thick to get around the wheel so I suggested to cut the rope and cut the not off and then tie around with some tape and I’ll be a bit thiner it didn’t work for the first few times so we tightened the tape and then started working.

  • Am I working well with others?

I think I’m working okay with others Romy and Charlotte are really nice and they really helpful it’s good that we can help each other when we don’t know how to do something like the other day Charlotte needed help building up the tower to see the length of where the chairlift needs to go it was good because she needed two other people and Romy and I was there to help her.  I like how we’ve got three people in our group because every lesson there is always a job for someone in the group to do such as On Friday I was making The trees to put on the mountain, Charlotte was building the chair lift and Romy was starting things for the expo.

  • Is my plan detailed enough to achieve my goal?

I think our plan is detailed enough to achieve our goal because every lesson we look at design books and see what we have to finish this lesson at the start of the term we did this one detail drawing  that had the layout of everything on the mountain and what the end  product should look like. We could’ve worked on designing the structure of the chair left a bit more because when we looked at The drawing we drew at the beginning of the term we couldn’t really relate to it because we were going to make it out of Lego but we’ve changed our mines and now We are making them out of icy pop sticks.

  • What am I going to do next?

I don’t know about Romy and Charlotte but I would like to continue this project in term four but I’ll have a think about it over the holidays and I would like to give sewing try.


Today we have two lessons before the expo on Friday I think this was a very successful day because we knew what we needed to get completed we still haven’t completed getting the Lego we do chair left to go around we knew we needed to get that completed because that’s the main thing of our project we also need to get a poster done so then we can explain our learning and share what worked and what didn’t and how we came to the point we are at now. finishing the chairlift is actually quite important because we have the expo for the parents to come and look at our project  if we haven’t even completed our project is no point of them coming in. it will be quite boring if we are just showing our poster the whole time so Charlotte and I worked on finishing the chair lift and Romy worked on the poster. At the start of the lesson Romy and I also went up to the Enviro to get some new trees because the trees we got on Friday died. While Romy was working on the poster Charlotte and I tryed best to finish the chairlift. because there is two Lego we do motors we thought we would need two laptops. For the whole lesson we had two laptops but after the lesson ended we realised that we could’ve just had one of our laptops and connected to both motors.  We did have some problems with making the chair lift. There was already a not tided in the string but it was too thick to get around the wheel so we decided to cut it off and tie it back together thiner it work for two times around and then it stopped working so then we cut that not off and tie it with marsking tape, we think that’s the best we could get it, it does go around but the only times we tested it Charlotte was holding it.  We do wish that at the start we chose to use elastic because we know that that wouldn’t come off as easy . On Tuesday lunchtime Charlotte stayed in and got the chairlift working I didn’t get a video but I’ve got a video of what it like in the lessons on Tuesday.

Today was the expo

This was the video we put next to our model to show the visitors how we got to the point we are at now.

Mr McKie Said that we need to go around the room and take three photos of peoples projects that you think are a very good idea. I chose Luka, Aiden and Orlando’s soccer pitch, Maddie and Roses Lego theme park and Laura, Edwina, Hannah and Audrey’s LED clothing.

This is photo of Aiden, Orlando and Lukas soccer pitch!

I liked how they included a lot of different types of equipment such as an EV3 robot, little bits, Lego boost and Lego. I like how there is more then one thing that there project can do such as the goal keeper moves. The EV3 sets something up for the Lego boost to shoot something out and hit the flag thing. It was smart how they painted the bored they got some masking tape so then the white lines are very straight.

This is a photo of Maddie and rose’s Lego friends theme park.

This is a photo of Edwina, Hannah, Laura and Audrey LED clothing.  

Sphero’s and Robo-cup


On the 24/7 Rose and I choose to do the activity sphero’s. Onmy iPhone I downloaded sphero edu. Then we connected our sphero to my phone. When we were ready to program our sphero to go through the course we decided to change the color, so this is a video of us changing the colour on the sphero.


This is the program app it is called sphero edu. The programing you use is a lot like scratch. There is 3 things on the programing brick roll … at …. speed for …. the dotes next to the roll is degrees so if you want the sphero to do a 90 degrees turn you drag the arrow to 90 degrees. The dots next to at is the speed is how fast you want your sphero to go. The dots next to the speed for is seconds so if I put in 1.5 my sphero will go for a second and a half. Then when you have finished your program press the green start button.

This is the video of our sphero doing the course and underneath is the program I used.


I though sphero’s was really fun. I liked programing the sphero to do the course and I’m really exited to work on sphero’s on Friday.

Friday 27th 

Today I completed two courses and one jump course. In the last lesson Rose and I put a blue car on our Sphero when we had the blue car on our Sphero. Here is the video of rose and I controlling the sphero car around the classroom.


The first lesson on Friday Rose and I made course for us to program our sphero to go through it with out touching the tape.

This is a video of our sphero doing the first course. And underneath is the program I used to make my sphero to go through the course.


The second course we made was a bit easier. Because the course was easier it made the programing easier because in this course there wasn’t a lot of turns so when I was making the program I just made the sphero go straight by writing on the program 0 decrease.

This is a video of my sphero doing the second course and underneath is a photo of the program I used.


All I did for this course was I wrote on the program go forward at the highest speed.  The jump course was my favourite of all the courses because when completed the course it looked really cool.

Here is a video of my sphero doing the jump course and underneath is the program.


I really enjoyed Spheros today and I love to do some more of sphero’s in term four.

robo cup

Charlotte, Romy and I qualified for the Victorian championships in robo cup and it’s  at Melbourne at  Melbourne University on Tuesday the 14th

robo cup – Tuesday

Today I had my first practice on robo cup for the Victorian championships in my group is Romy and Charlotte Romy was at a swimming competition so me and Charlotte worked on and try to improve our colour sensor position At the Geelong championships we didn’t get the best points on the first round because when our robot went over the bridge the colour sensor was so high it couldn’t even sense the black line so today the thing we worked on was to make the light sensor looser so when it gets to the top of the bridge the colour sensor  will drop down and keep going through the course sensing the black line. Charlotte and I were able to get our colour sensor to drop at the top of the bridge when we tested it out on the bridge tile it worked and we were really happy.  We didn’t do much practice on the program because our program is on Romys computer but we did search up on Youtube Ways to get our robot to go faster without cutting the corners.


Today Romy was back so we have the program. When we tested it with our robot it didn’t work so for a lesson we were playing around with the program and seeing what works and what doesn’t. In the end we managed to get our robot to do the course but we haven’t got the ultrasonic sensor part working yet. Next week my group and I are going to build a gripper so when the robot is on rescue tile the ultrasonic sensor will sense the object and then use the gripper to grip around the object and then push it out.

Simple Machines – Lego wedo

Simple Machines – Lego wedo

The activity 5C is doing at the moment is simple machines with Mr Colbert. Before the holidays I went on holiday so I miss a few lessons on simple machines. When I got back to school on Tuesday Emma helped me catch up. On Tuesday I started to build a Lego machine it is a ski lift I used the Lego wedo motor and I used Lego from the tub. On Friday I finished the ski lift I started building on Tuesday. I also finished the screw simple machine and the pulley machine.

Screw – Simple machine 

This is my screw it I one of the 6 simple machines. I made it with:

a black stick, five grey cogs and a big yellow cog. If you spin this like I do in the video below it looks like a screw.


Pulley – Simple machine

This is my pulley I used:

A black piece of string, some Lego, 4 cogs and a hook.

I made this because I searched on intent explorer pulley and it came up with this photo so I decided to try a build something like it.


Ski lift – Lego wedo

I made this ski lift with the Lego wedo kit. When you watch the video you will notice that the motor on top of the white cog is spinning and that is make the cog spin around and because the string is connected to the white cog it is making the string go around and make it look like a ski lift. I did have some problems with this such as the string going around keep falling off and the towers that were made out of Lego falling down, my worst problem was I put the Lego wedo 2.o motor on my machine and then I realised I wasn’t using Lego wedo 2.o so I had to take it apart to take the motor off. in the end I got it and here is a video of my ski lift running. Underneath is the program I used.


I really like simple machines because after I did the ski lift I decided to included simple machines in my project later in the term. I liked building the two of the six simple machines and I like working out how to make the ski lift move.



Code like a girl!

On 19 June is the year five girls had a coding day. There was three activities we did over today the first one we did was making a light circuit with LED stickers the second one we did after recess was this a sphero minigolf and the third one was binary bracelets.

Paper light circuit!

From 9-11am the year five girls did A paper light circuit with LED stickers. I have done a paper light circuit before, when I made my Mother’s Day card. The paper light circuits were really fun and this time my light turned on. To make this I used some Rosegold copper tape a pink LED sticker a piece of paper and a battery. When we made our paper light circuits you have to be really careful that you didn’t rip otherwise the energy from the battery wouldn’t reach the LED sticker and LED sticker wouldn’t turn on.  You also need to make sure that your battery is on the positive side  otherwise your LED will not turn This is a photo of my final project.

Sphero minigolf.

The next activity the year five girls did was sphero minigolf.  There was four holes to complete and whoever completed them in the least amount of time is pressing start on your program on the iPad they gave us wins some code like a girl pins. To program your sphero to go through the course you need an iPad and there is a sphero app were you can you drag out program bricks and when you press start to put your Sphero I will run the program. The program is a lot like scratch, and because i have used that before it made this excises a bit easier.

In my group is Maddie and Edwina we completed three holes. This is a movie maker of my experience of sphere’s.

Binary bracelets.

I really liked binary bracelets because now I know what binary is. Binary is a code language the computer uses. In Binary there is two numbers one and zero using one and zero you make code patterns for numbers and letters. In this lesson we made binary code using our first letter in our name such as the zeros would be pink and ones would be green and then you make a bracelet using pink and green beans. I used green for zeros and pink for ones so this is what my code would be Green pink pink green green green green pink and that is another way of saying 01100001.

Reflection of the day!

I found today was really fun and I know a lot more about so sphero’s and binary and how to make a paper light circuit. I took a lot of way from today and I would love to do another day like this in the future. I might even choose to do one of these projects in term three.