Passion Project Photography

Passion Project Photography

For my second passion project I have chosen to do a slide show of photos i am going to take, (photography). I didn’t know that i liked photography until i tried it. I was bit unsure of what i was going to do so i thought of two things photography and redesign my room, i decided to do photography this term and redesign my room next term.

I have been practising taking photos in the garden of plants and flowers, and i think i am getting better. On Saturday my mums friend came over with her proper camera because i told her i was doing photography for a project, i took a lot of photos and i choose two to put in my power point.

The technologies I am going to use is my phone to take most of the photos.

Here is one of the photos i took with the camera!


Passion project #Reflection

Passion project #Reflection

We have one more week left for term 2, and i have finished my passion project film. It is not as long as i thought it was going to be because i hurt my foot and was not able to film anymore footage but i found some footage of my parents phone that i filmed in Thailand. So i emailed it to my phone and then put it onto my computer which i then I edited it into my film on adobe premiere pro. I was going to go to super tramp this weekend but i couldn’t because of my foot. While i was doing this project i did not learn how to do any new tricks but i did regain a trick which was the full twist. In my film i do two full twists, one on the trampoline and one off a diving board.


Passion project update

Passion project update

So far, my passion project is going quite well. I have done half of the filming and I have created my scripted for my V.O. I have also chosen my song that I am going to have playing in the background. And started downloading videos of my photo onto my computer. I was going to film on the weekend but the grass and the trampoline was very wet so i could not film. I have also learnt how to do a full twist on the trampoline. My next goal is to learn how to do a round-off full twist. I have also arranged for my mum to take me to super-tramp.

My Passion Project – TUMBLING

For my first passion project I have chosen to do tumbling. I am going to watch a YouTube video and teach myself how to do a full twist. I’m going to have videos on me flipping on trampolines and the floor. The technologies I am going to use is my phone for when I film out side of school and also a zoom camera to film at school. I’m going to put together a compilation for videos of me tumbling to music off bensound.

I am really looking forward to share my passion with the class.

Richard Turere TED Talk

A. The message Richard was sharing was that there is a solution to both sides of the problem. He protected his cows and bulls and all the important animals in Kenya without hurting the lions or the cows.

B. He shared his message by telling his story of how he invented in invention. he had pictures on the screen behind him. His photos made the audients imagine and picture where he was and what he was going though.

C. The technology he used was: the scree behind him where he showed all the photos of his advancer creating his invention. he also have a clicker in his hand for when he wanted to change slides in his presentation. He was wearing a wireless mic so then his voice was loud enough to share around to the audients.

D. He did not have to use a scripted at all in his presentation and he used eye contacted to the audients. At times I couldn’t really understand his accent but it was good given that he wasn’t Australian. At times he did his own scripted given the Audients reaction.

THINK Online

You need to be aware of the consequences that could occur if you post or comment online without out Thinking what the out come could be. You also need to remember that other people could miss understand and take it the wrong way.

T You have to be True online because eventually the truth with come out.

H You have to be carful that you are being Honest online because it avoids roomers.

is it inspiring, if it instead there is no reason to post it.

N Before you send a message or post something ask yourself is this Necessary and will it make anyone feel upset.

K Before you do anything online make sure it is kind and think about how everyone else will feel.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

A) Instead of just playing game, make them. If you want to make you own game you can go to one of his clinics and he will share the knowledge he know and he will teach you. He also mentioned that lately students are teaching teaches about technology.

B) He talked about personal experiences and talked about his games and that other kind are capable of making them.

C) He spoke very clearly and with a expression. His eye contact to the audients was really good. he used hand gestures.

D) He used really good technology to share his message. He had a clicker in his hand to change the slide in the presentation. He was wearing a wireless mic to project his voice to the audients. He was also holding an iPad in his hand encase he loses where he is u to and then he can just look at the scripted on the iPad. Behind him was a screen that showed what his apps looked like.



Green Screen Clinic

Today we had our last film school clinic. This clinic was about the green screen studio. It was hot, so we had inquiry in the Mezz. In the first lesson Mr Henderson taught us about all the different equipment in the green screen studio, the rules, what a green screen room is for and how to edit a green screen clip on Adobe Premiere Pro.

What we learnt in the first lesson.

The real word for green screen is chromakey but if you’re using editing software and it doesn’t say green screen it will say chromakey but on Adobe Premiere Pro it says ultra-key.

A green screen studio isn’t just made for movies it is also made for the news, weather reports, cartoons, kid shows and a lot more. For example, when you’re watching your TV and the weather reporter is explaining the weather on the map, she isn’t standing in front of the map she is standing in front of a green screen Studio and the map has been edited on there. There is also normally a computer next to her telling her what to say and where to point.

The green screen studio is green because there is no green on your skin.

Not all green screen studios are green, some are grey.

We learnt the rule – Don’t go in the green screen studio for more than 20 minutes because your class friends could get mad at you because it’s also taking up their time.

These is all the different types of equipment in the green screen studio at school.

On the ceiling in the green screen room we have four big lights they are can lights.  On the wall there is a wall switch 123456 but when you’re turning those lights on don’t turn the 6th one on.

On the carpet in front of the green screen stage we have two light stands on the left and right they are held down by sandbags. To turn them on press the buttons 123 on the back of the camera.

In between the two light stands, that’s where you set up your tripod and whatever camera you want to put on it to film your green screen footage. If you want to do that you need to bring your own tripod and your own camera out of the cupboard.

There are lots of cords lying around the floor connecting the cameras, so we need to be careful not to trip over them.

Tips for the green screen room

Sometimes when you’ve got all of the cameras on there will be shadows from your actor so try to avoid that by turning the light brighter or dimer.

Make sure when you’re filming your actor is in the middle of the green screen stage. This avoids the shadows from the side of the walls and it gives you a good camera frame.


How to edit a green screen clip.


This is a original photo of Shia in the green screen studio.

And this is when i had edited Shia onto the senior school oval.



This is my video that i created using the information i learned in the first lesion.

green scree clinic video-1hkhzr3


Film school clinics are now over so hopefully i can get my directors hat.

Adobe Premiere Pro Software

Here are some of the things we learnt about the editing software .

This is how to save your film.


Personally i think this clinic has been the most helpful one yet. Not only that i learnt so much new things from it, i will take a lot away and not to mention its one step closer to hopefully getting my directors hat.