Film School Reflection

This year we tried out something new to teach everyone how to use the cameras and the 6’s filming equipment. This was Film School!!! This is my reflection on it and what I thought of it. I enjoyed the freedom involved with Film School. I loved how we got to choose what clinic we wanted to […]

Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 was a jam-packed donut of fun!!! We did some amazing things and had experienced some new things and we all loved it! I have had many learning highlights for Term 1 and one of them was definitely year 6 camp. For year 6 camp we went to Melbourne and stayed at a lovely accommodation called […]

Magic Squares Reflection

For the past 2 maths sessions we have been working on a problem called Magic Squares. In Magic Squares you have to have a 3 x 3 square or whatever you want and you have however many numbers. All the rows, columns and the diagonals have to equal the same. I started out by doing some […]

Royalty Free Music

Today I did another clinic for film school. This one was all about Royalty Free music. We were introduced a Royalty Free music site called, This was a free site but it had a couple of agreements. Firstly you need to credit this site in any project you make using this music. You also have […]

Wireless And Lapel Microphones

We had another session of film school today and I chose to do the clinic on wireless microphones. A wireless microphone is a microphone that is not connected to anything with wires. In this clinic I also learnt about lapel microphones. Lapel microphones are the type of microphone that clips onto your clothes or you […]

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