😊Fays Nines Reflection😊

In fays nines you have the numbers 1-9 and you have to arrange then in a 3×3 grid. The total of the numbers have to equal 999. I realised that you have to use carrying to get to the final number of 999. I also realised that the units column has to equal 19, the tens column has to equal 18 and the hundreds column has to equal 8 in order for the carrying to work.

When i started playing with the problem I just guessed and checked. I didn’t really know what to do at the start because there wasn’t a strategy that we were using.

The patterns that i noticed were…
– The units column has to equal 19, the tens column has to equal 18 and the hundreds column has to equal 8.

We broke this problem into manageable parts by focusing on the units column and making solutions that have 8, 2 and 9 in the units column but in that order going down.

I got to almost figuring out how there at 180 solutions. I can’t explain it because i know how we got to 180 solutions but i don’t get it.

This project was challenging because it was hard to find all the solutions to the problem and working out (when you have made a new one) whether you have it or not already.

L E S S O N 1:

L E S S O N 2:


For my passion project i am going to do a goat/sheep edition song. I don’t know what song i am going to do but i know that it will be great. I will film my OWN sheep and lambs and edit it together to make a really good film. I am going to challenge myself and use adobe premiere to edit it because I want to try a different editing software.This project is targeted at all ages because it is appropriate for all ages and anyone will laugh. I’m looking forward to filming the sheep and seeing the end film. I have already started to film the sheep.
Here is a couple of videos of my inspiration:


For my passion project I vamped up a dolls house. My idea for the doll’s house didn’t really change. My garden section changed a bit because the layout was different. I thought I was going to just have a path and a couple of seats but instead I made 6 different areas: Kids grass area, Kids play area, Dog kennel, Campfire area, Pool area and The clothes line.
The challenges I faced were:
1. We had some trouble figuring out what glue to use because we had a mixture of different materials. Stones, Fake grass, Wood sticks etc;
2. Working out what suits what was challenging because we got the furniture from my Auntie and there was a mix of plastic and wood furniture.
I over-came the challenges by:
1. My dad suggested exterior wood and it worked for the grass but for the stones and wood sticks I used hot glue.
2. I got my mum to help style the inside. We used most wood furniture and some plastic furniture.
Some successes were basically the whole project! It was one great big success! Everything went to plan and as I expected.
If I were to continue the project by having battery operated lights. For example; Lamps, Chandelier etc. I would also make people for the house by using clay or sewing material or wood.

RVE Country #1 Blog Post

The task was to create a double page spread of a country. We had to include facts and a picture of the flag. The facts had to be in specific sections like religion, social behaviours and customs.
I think some of the differences are:
o Irish people play a game called hurling. We have sports called football or basketball or netball but not hurling.
o Soup is a very common thing in Ireland. We like soup but it’s not common.
o They wear European clothes. We don’t wear much European clothing.
Some of the similarities are:
o They celebrate Halloween. We celebrate Halloween too!
o There are Christians in Ireland. We have some Christians in Australia.
o They like potatoes. We are good fans of potatoes as well!
If I lived in this culture I would find the river dancing the most interesting because there dancing is A LOT different to our dancing. Also, I would enjoy seeing a st Patricks day festival because it is very unique and a fun way that they express their culture.
What I would find most challenging would be their accent! Its so strong that you sometimes can’t understand them. I would also find the dancing and sport pretty hard because their idea of dancing is a lot harder then our idea of it!!

Building Views Reflection

To start out, the activity was to look at 5 buildings which were presented as a table. Then what we had to do was create those buildings on the 4 x 4 grid. Next, we had to draw the front view and the side view. To draw the front view, we had to get down on our knees and look at the building from the front at eye level. I did the same for the side view.
The next task was to make a building on the investigation board which has these views and uses exactly 15 blocks. Then you need too add blocks one by one to find the maximum. Next you need to remove one block at a time to make the minimum.
The page looked like this:
(i need to scan my book)
Maths 300 is a program that we use when we need to prove or make more ‘combination’ without having to draw up a lot of squares and drawings. For maths 300 I had to work out 9 buildings and find out what the table would look like for that building.

What I did to find the minimum was:
I would make the building with the 15 blocks then take one away at a time to create the same building but with less blocks.
What I did to find the maximum was:
I would make the 15-block building then add one at a time to create the same building but with more blocks.

The part I found challenging was working quickly to get all of the 15-block buildings and the maximum and minimum for each of them. It took me a while to finally get into a rhythm and work faster.

I learnt about how to turn a 2D shape into a 3D shape. What that means is the skill of being able to look at a 2D shape on the paper and turn it into a 3D shape using equipment. It can also be backwards where you would look at a 3D shape (in this case: building) and turn it into a 2D shape/grid. I also learnt about using maths 300 and using the X-RAY setting on the maths 300.

Passion Project #UPDATE

What I have done is painted 2 white wash coats on the outside of the dolls house. I have also started the top level which is the Living Room, Kitchen and Dining room in a It now has wallpaper and a copper coloured contact on the outside roof. I have started to sort out the dolls house furniture into 3 piles then into 5 piles.
The 3 piles are:
Bin For dolls house Keep but not for dolls house

Then into 5 piles, which are:
Kitchen Bathroom Living Room Dining room

Next, I would like to finish the top level and start the other rooms by putting up wallpaper, painting furniture and making it look like a good miniature home for dolls.
P.S. I will then add dolls and use blue tack to stick the furniture down so that when I take it to school, it won’t fall apart.


This is my VIDEO BLOG for Mr Galluccio’s Clinic!

This is the script:
Space Location: Europa, Jupiter’s moon
Space Environment: Ocean Based
•I chose Europa because it has an ice surface and it has twice as much water than earth’s oceans underneath the ice. We could live on it because it has a very thin oxygen atmosphere. It also has gravity which we are used to on earth.
•I chose to have my building underwater because the whole planet is covered in ice and underneath that is water. My building will have everything a good house would have, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, living room and of course a bedroom. On the outside it will have hard stainless steel walls and a roof(both would need to be waterproofed).

The Lost Princess

The movie is about different people acting out some scenarios based on real people, but they are just acting so they dot reveal who the actual people are. The kids get addicted to their devices but some of them are talking to people who are older/they don’t know who they are.

The problem that occurred was Kieran was addicted was addicted to his gaming and over a couple of years he got worse. Some of the main things we need to do he didn’t do, such as cleaning himself, brushing his teeth, eating, and being unhealthy in general.

It negatively affected his life by affecting his health such as eating, cleaning himself, dropped out of school, lost his friends and stopped brushing his teeth.
The issue got resolved by him joining a group to get help and stopped being addicted to his gaming and he gained friends, started being healthier physically and more started eating better.
He could have stopped using his device and if that wasn’t achievable then he could have asked for help about it sooner. Because he asked for help later, he dropped out of school BEFORE he asked so if he asked SOONER then he probably wouldn’t have dropped out of school. He should have focused on the more important things in life (than video games) such as eating, excising, hanging out with friends and keeping his body healthy.

A message I took away from it was to not get addicted to games and to be more active with friends. Also to focus on the more important things in life that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Passion Project Term 3 #Explanation

My idea for my passion project is:
I have a wooden dolls house from my Great Auntie and I am going to use materials and dolls furniture to make it better to ‘play’ with. The style of house it will be is vintage industrial so that’s modern and touches of old.
In case you don’t know what industrial is……. it’s when the raw building materials are exposed and use of lots of timber and metal.
I will bring in my final product(with the help of my dad) and I will make a film about how I made it and what I learnt.
Here is an image of a vintage industrial house:

P.S. it finally pays off to have watched Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze, Selling Houses Australia, Buying Blind, House Rules, The block and Grand Designs(+ more) 🙂

DC Cartoons

In DC we talked about some images and we discussed what was funny and why. Its important to look at what is bad and why as well. In all of the images there is humour for example, a dude with a bald head. There was one this common in all three and that was they were addicted to their technology.
I don’t think there is anything that’s funny with this image because its pretty serious and nothing with how the artist did it was funny.
I think the message is that you should put your outdoor activity’s and socialising with friends before your technology and don’t make someone miserable because your on your device. This is an important message because its really important to get out and do physical activity and play with your friends.
I still think that its serious and I don’t find it funny at all now that I have analysed it.

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