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Fraction Triangle


Today I made a shape that is a trapezium. I thought it would be easy but it was actually a bit hard because I have not done that shape before. These are my commands and my final shape. Today I… Continue Reading →





  Session 1: Today we started our robotics unit in Design. The teachers explained a bit about coding, Programming and robots in general. We started off with coding. We were given a sheet like a list so we can program… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg

Session 1: Rube Goldberg Challenge Today we did a challenge to see if we knew what Rube Goldberg machines can actually do. Our task was to put a piece of paper in the bin. The machine had to include 3… Continue Reading →

Investigating Friction

Question What surface has the least amount of friction? We will change The surface We will observe  How fast the car travels on each surface. How far the car travels on each surface. We will keep the same The car… Continue Reading →


Goodbye I want her I need her Why aren’t we pinned the same? This pin has control over us What does this mean? Where is she going? Come back, she turns to look at me Her face as yellow as… Continue Reading →


FEAR I wait for night to fall. The torture is ruining me. I feel twisted inside. As I fall asleep I dream about the time Mama ran away from the poachers. I suddenly wake up in fear that she was… Continue Reading →

A Marathon Of Her Own

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