November 1


Out of 40 spins

Purple: 1/2 20 spins
Dark Purple: 1/10 4 spins
Peach: 1/5 8 spins
Blue: 1/10 4 spins
Dark Blue: 1/10 4 spins

Out of 400 spins:
Purple: 200
Dark Purple: 50
Peach: 50
Blue: 50
Dark Blue: 50

First set of 40 spins:

Second set of 40 spins:

Third set of 40 spins:

First set of 400 spins:

Second set of 400:

Third set of 400:

October 15


Week 1:
This week I did makeymakey. Makeymakey is a type of technoligy that is used to create activites. In the box that it came in there are:
The motherboard
The alligater clips
The white wires
USB cord

Once we had worked out what they all did, we had to stick the photo of all the parts into our design books and write what they do. This is called the PARTS, PURPOSES, and COMPLEXITIES.

Week 2:
This week we started puling apart my dads old sterio that I brought in. We prodicted that there was going to be a moter and a motherboard in it. It was really interesting to see how its looked inside because there were so many parts.

August 30

Rufugee Questions

Apart from Indigenous Australians, everybody in Australia has come here. What are some of the reasons people had for coming to Australia?

Some people came because of war and it wasnt safe for them to be there anymore. Others came because they wanted to have a better life. And others came because of food loss and shelter loss aswell.

If you were the Immigration Department Officer interviewing Ali, would you believe his story? Why? What extra difficulties would working through an interpreter create?

I would belive his story because he is poor and he is just a child living in this world alone. Even though his family is still alive he has knowone to hug at night or feel safe with.

Ali’s family paid a people smuggler to get Ali out of Afghanistan. Why do you think they chose this illegal method?

Because they couldn’t pay for a passport or ticket for a plane. And they thought it would be better for them because they have alot of children to send away to get jobs and they thouht it would be alot of money.

If you were one of the teachers at the compound, what do you think the students would learn about English and Australia? Make two lists, ranking the top five things for each.

Teach them about the aboriginals
Teach them the laws
Teach them the states
Teach them the capital of Australia
Teach them the history of Australia
Learn to read at least one book
learn the numbers one to one hundred
Learn the ABC
Learn the ABC song
Learn a song
Read books to improve their vocabulary

August 13

Robotics (In Bigger Group)

Week 1:

This week in Robtics we were told to create a program that follows a line. When we completed that one then there was the chance to create more programs to follow an oval and even a maze type one, which is a series of more complected lines.


I first created a program that follows a thick black line. We were pointed in the right direction because the teachers said to use a loop, switch and the colour sensor.


I also did the oval because while I was waiting to show the teacher I tried to create a program for the oval shape.

Here is my program and video:



July 25


I love scratch because there are so many things that you can create like games, story’s or a dance party! My favorite game is the race track because it is simple but fun to play.

This is the when touching color ….. block. I put it inside the top of an IF block and put a switch costume to costume2 and a stop script too. What this does is when my car touches pale green then it will switch to the crash costume (costume2)

Here is a video of my finished game.

Week 1 (in a group):

We had the challenge to create a program that only uses 10 different blocks. You had to use the 10 blocks once and then you could double up on some if you wanted to. Here is a screen snip of my program.

The hardest part was the go to x…… y……. brick because it depended on where you wanted your sprite to go. If you put your sprite where you wanted it to go to at the start and wrote in the x and y then your sprite would go where you told it to go. Here is the brick.

The easiest part was the sound brick because you can basically record anything and put it in or choose a sound from the gallery. I had no trouble with the sound brick because you can put it anywhere in your program. Here is the brick.

Here is the video of my swimming cat. 🙂

( In this video the cat sound isn’t heard because the video is on mute )

Week 2: (in a group)

We did a project called About Me. This project had to include:

+ 2 or more icons

+ It had to be interactive for the person who is reading it.

+ Text that explains more about you.

This is my finished product:

After we had finished we went around and showed everyone else our About Me projects.

I found out that some people did photos instead of icons from the library. Some people did a maze that was pretty cool.

I found this project kind of easy because I was just almost copying everything. Here are some of the bricks that I used the most.

I did an animation of a unicorn that changes colour and moves.
Here is my plan: