Digital Citizenship
What does Think stand for as an acronym?
Is it: True because you could be saying something about you that is not true for example you could live in Australia but say you live in America.
Is it: Helpful because it could be saying something that is irrelevant and not worth talking about.
Is it: Inspiring because you could be posting/sending something that is something not many people want to see and it will come up (for example facebook) on your feed.
Is it: Necessary because it could be boring for your reader/person who is receiving the text message/photo.
Is it: Kind because someone could get hurt badly and feel really bad about themselves.


I have started my story page which has who he is, what happened to his mother, what type of sheep he is and how we bottle fed him.
I have painted the bottle white with 2 coats to make it fully white.

What next?
I am going to finish my story page and make my poster.


Rodney The Lamb:

I am going to decorate and perfect a bottle in memory of Rodney. Who is Rodney? Rodney is the son of a mum that had mastitis and couldn’t feed milk to Rodney. We bottle fed him in the shed and when he knew who his mum was we got to bottle feed him inside, where he slept some nights.
I am going to decorate it and write his story on the side. I will also add a thin layer of paint on the inside to look like there is milk on the inside. There will also be a milo tin painted and decorated to make a milk powder tin. I will add flour inside it to make it realistic. I will also make a measuring cup to show how much we gave him.

Birke Baehr TED Talk


Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital fee. Think to yourself and find out where your food comes from. Be ORGANIC. One Kid at a time to be more organic with their food because otherwise you could get sick or not know where your food comes from.

He got the messages across to us by using facial expression and hand gestures. He also made us laugh with a bit of humour but also made us serious when it needed to be.

The technical support he had was the microphone to make him sound louder. He also had the pictures displaying in the background to make it more clear for the audience and so he knew where he was up to as well in case he stumbles or forgets.

The presentation techniques he used were eye line to the audience. He had a clear voice so the audience could hear/understand what he was saying which is important so that they know what your saying otherwise whats the point of going to it?

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Turere

The main message was to create awareness of the lions and how they are killing the livestock and how he could change/stop that from happening. He had a new invention that helped by scaring the lions away but not killing them which was a good idea because then nobody gets hurt from what the humans and the animals are doing.

He got the messages to the audience by making his voice sound good with expressions and he had a laugh but also made the audience more serious about the problem.

He used the photos at the back to make the message more clear to the audience. He also had a microphone to make his voice louder.

He used eye contact with the camera. Humour to make it funny and more serous at times. And he projected his voice so that it was clear even though he had a microphone.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main messages are that anyone can make apps even if your young. Also that its fun to make and design apps. All you need is motivation to make them. Another message is that for children to share knowledge
He got the messages across by not making the audience bored. Like making them laugh or have some connection to Thomas like when he said students are better at technology then teachers.
The technical things he had to support him were an iPad with dot points on it so he knows what hes talking about and a microphone so he doesn’t have to yell. He also had the screen behind him with pictures so the audience connect more with him.
The presentation techniques he used eye line well because he looked at the audience a lot and connected with them. Also he faced the audience with his body posture.