October 21

Term 4

Term 4

This term we have been focusing on two programs called lego robotics/ev3 and Sphero. On the 7 of October, we were told that my group is going to do lego robotics. We had an idea. The idea was we were going to build a battle bot. So we started off with the touch sensor then moved onto the light sensor. then we finished so we add a medium motor. then put axles as blades. Then during some mornings, I would add a shield so the other battle bots would get their cords tangled in the blades. Then we battled. Here are some pictures of it.




On the 21 of October, we started the program called Sphero we have to do mazes and our maze is going well but the sad thing is we have to code it to go through the maze. this is what our maze looks like



Get coding with Sphero BOLT - Hexnub

this is the type of code we used. the code is called block code as you can see you have all types of mathematic blocks and that was we’re the maths came in. my partner Zach had to do most of the coding because I was away for most of the day because I had to do chess enough about chess. so I don’t know lots about sphero but I learned along the way and now I will soon continue the maze challenge.


color square challenge

Today on the 26 of the 10th we did a challenge called color square. It was when we had to make the sphero go to a certain color square.

we went in the order of these colors orange, blue, pink and purple. its took quite a while but we finished in the end.

This is a pic of my code and it worked but it was a bit faulty but still worked so we have finished the sphero tasks and next week we will move on to drones and hummingbirds.



for me and Liam we did not get much done at all because our drone got stuck in a tree and a camera was not working so I had to use my laptop to film it. When we got it down then it wouldn’t take off so we were definitely the most unlucky group so we barely had any time to film or do anything because when it stopped working we went inside. we are not up to the code yet we are trying to get films we are doing code next lesson. When we use the drone we do not make it go fast because there are sprinklers

September 10

Micro:bit Temp Meter.

Temperature meter 

 For the last few session, I have been working on a project. The is call Temperature meter. this is how the meter works. when you put it I the freezer for 5 minutes and then come back the LED lights will show the number it got up to. that is how the temp meter works. 

Down below are some pictures of what the temp meter looked like when it’s working. 

March 20

shopping bag

shopping bag

This week on the 20/3/20 I had created a scratch game call supermarket shopping. I started off with the inspiration that has 1 phrase the phrase says I want to do this because it helps the environment. down below is the page of what I did in my design journal.


As you can see the coloured bags they started off as a plain white bag. I printed them so then I could colour them in. then I thought and I decided to show Mrs Jones and then she said I could go to do my 3 ideas page as you can see down below.


As you can see I have 3 ideas for my end of term scratch project. the first idea is to make an actual shopping bag that has a pattern and has the colours are yellow, green orange and blue. the second idea is to make a shopping bag that is given at the end but the lady has to pay $500.00 for the bags the colours are yellow, green orange and blue. The third idea is to ask for a shopping bag on the program scratch.

I had one more step before I could go on with the coding. I had to pick one of my ideas for the ideas page then describe it on the next page. as you can see down below is my final page.



As you can see I put one of the phrase from the atrial project like oh no I forgot my bag. this page is about the idea that I choose for the scratch project. I have photocopied the idea that I went with from the ideas page. the colours that I used for the bag is yellow green blue orange. Then I could go on with coding. down below is a snip of Abby’s coding.


So you can see most of the coding is text but that is fine because it helps you to know what is happening at the time. down below is a snip of Avery’s coding.


Avery’s coding is short but it fills in the gaps of the other characters code so then it fits in as a ming story. then there is the coding of the bag. a snip of the code down below.


With the bags code, it has the coordinates that it has been commanded to.



the important thing was to concentrate and do your work! .


I could use this project for other projects that are getting coded now.


I saw no patterns in this project but I wish there was some pattern.


I don’t know how well I did but I think I did well


my next project will be from this book




thanks to the taxonomy of reflection I will be able to do more blog post like this



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March 2


Debug it 1.3

Welcome to another debug it challenge. This one is called debug it 1.3. The code is down below.

This code tells you when the space key is clicked, turn 90 degrees to the right and then wait for 1 second then repeats for another 2 times then turn 90 degrees to the right.

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February 16


Debug it 1.2

Last week we were given another debug it but this time it was debug it 1.2. So down below is the code that I made.

So with the code, it says I like the left side for 2 seconds, then it glides for 1 sec to the x-axis 120 to the y-axis for 0. Then the program says I like the right side to for 2 seconds then wait for 1 second then go to x-axis 96 and the y-axis 5 then it is the end.

The next post will be in a few days time.

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February 13


Debug it 1.1

Last week on Friday we were told to debug one of the debug it games. Down below is the coding that I worked on.


The code that I did, made the green flag click then I press the green flag and it worked.

I felt so good that I had solved it + all I had to do was press the green flag button and then I was done.

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February 13


10 block challenge

last week on Friday we were given a challenge of only using 10 blocks on scratch which is a program on my laptop. Down below is some coding that I did.

The coding makes the cat and bat start on different sides to each other then they say hello for 5 seconds. After that, the cat and bat go to the other side of the screen on a diagonal line then goes back up to where it started. It does not say hello again but it goes down to the other side of the page and then goes back up to where it started then waits 10 secs then says the end for 5 secs.

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