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Great Ocean Road Makey Makey Project

  1. In this Design project our project was based around the heading “how can we bring  Australia to life” Claudia and I decided to do the great ocean road and the twelve apostles. Our aim was to teach people about the twelve apostles and the great ocean road.

Fun Facts:

  1. The great ocean road is 243km long.
  2. The town it go’s to are: Torquay, Allansford, Anglesea and many others
  3. There are more then 12 towns along the great ocean road
  4.  Around 1230 people drive on the great ocean road each day.
  5. 4 of the apostles eroded so now there is only 8 not 12.

Friday the 17th of may

Our goal is to

  1. get all the coding done
  2. finish the diorama
  3. paint the base
  4. connect the Makey, Makey to the diorama

We made the great ocean road in four weeks here are the stages

  1. We did the design in our books ad the facts. We got the photos and then started the diorama…
  2. We made the houses- the first layer out of cardboard. we then made a roof out of cardboard and we made the red paper colouring.
  3. We made the apostles  out of paper from papers we made five and then put three in the diorama and coloured them in brown, yellow and a cream.


When doing this project, I learnt that it was hard to connect  all the cables together for the moisture sensor. Because the wires are very small and had to fit three cables on to the sensor we then had to put the moisture sensor and connect the cables in to the micro bite part, then put it into the computer. We then had to do all the coding by following a YouTube video. The YouTube video showed us what to do and what the micro coding meant it was hard to follow the clip as he was speaking very fast and we needed to do it slower to understand what we were doing. In the end we had a great result and it worked better then what we expected as we found smaller cables


This was the smiling micro bit. What you had to do was go into a teach you how to make your coding work. You had to make a smile the right way up side down and sideways each way. Then you have to press the A Butten to make it work. Then for the sad face you need to press the B Butten. For the mixed face you have to press the A+B Butten. The challenging bit was I didn’t know how to download it so I had to get someone to teach me how to do it.  

This is my micro bit rock paper scissors. What you had to do is have put a shake in so when shaken it will come up with the code. Then you had to draw paper rock and scissors. Then with a little more code you can shake it and play against someone else’s micro bit. The challenging part for me was I had learnt how to download but I was still getting the hang of it.




This was the magic eight  micro bit. So what you have to do is ask it a question and it will give you a simple reply either YES, NO or I DON’T KNOW! So the mane coding in this one was you had use the show string YES NO and I DON’T KNOW.  And you needed on shake other wise it would not work. Then you needed clear screen. So it could follow the rest of the coding. And the mane ones were If else and random. The reason for this game was if you had any questions you could just ask it one, for say ‘will i get in any trouble this week? It will say one of the mane commands. The challenging parts were I kept skipping some of the coding so the whole thing wouldn’t work. The rest of it was really fun to make and I learnt lots of new things like downloading isn’t as hard as it looks.

scratch makey makey instrument





debug II (music)










Debuging 3

all about me-project

the 10 block challenge

oddball-movie reflection

I enjoyed that movie because it taught me how one person can make a big difference.  And it taught me more about the fairy penguins and how there were only 4 left in 2003. I wonder what the changeImage result for oddball movies would happen if we all did something for life on Earth.

student led confrence

Student led conferences

Writing-The Turtle Thief     

My Writers Work shop piece that I have published for a week, drafted once and made a seed once. Here is my seed draft and published piece.

I enjoyed this task because it was my own crazy ideas that I was writing about. I love turtles.

I found this challenging because proof reading and editing was hard trying to find the right word in the dictionary.

I learnt a lot of new words and practised my spelling. By the end of the task I also learnt to be independent and do things by myself.


This is my fraction wall and fractions I made using equivalent fractions.  

I enjoyed this task because it made me become smarter and I understood it.

I found this challenging because it didn’t make since the first thew lessons.

By the end of the task I learnt how to read fractions, show equivalent fractions and how to make my own.


This is a poster I made about scavengers and what they are. I did this during Term2 when we studied ‘the interconnectedness of living things’.

I enjoyed this task because we were working in groups and we were cooperating.

I found this challenging because it was hard to find fun facts and get the posters symmetrical.

By the end of the task I learnt that there are seven different scavenging animals.

Garden time-plot to plate

This is my plot to plate pizza garden I made with a small group off friends this Ecsperance is a one and a life time.

I enjoyed this task because we get to learn how plants grow and how long it takes.

I found this challenging because off all the weeds growing in our garden.

By the end of the task I learnt how to grow a garden and keep it healthy.


This is my print I made in art where making it on bags to keep the environment save and healthy.

I enjoyed this task because we got to do printing on bags.

I found this challenging because I didn’t get the print right two times and I was worried I wouldn’t get the print right on my bag.

By the end of the task I learnt not to get frustrated because it only makes thighs worse.

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