the lost princess

in digital citizenship we watched a short film about dangers that could possibly happen to you online. it was based around a girl who goes online she says she is 13 but she is 11 because she think people won’t like her. She makes her appearance look nothing like she is. she makes a friend called white night.

the first problem she encountered was he ask what she looks like and she says what do you look like and he found a picture online and showed her but it wasn’t really him and she believed him and thought she was meeting a young boy. the second problem was she got ask to a concert and she wasn’t aloud to watch because she was to young. But she went any way without her mum knowing. then she went there and meet this 40 year old guy and she just looked shocked.

I think it effected her life I think she would stop using the internet and maybe stop giving away personal information and not trust anyone online only if you know them in real life then do it and talk to


I think the issue was resolved by the guard came but she didn’t resolve it she only called her mum at the end to pick it up but she may not trust people online any more so she learnt not to trust some one you don’t know.

well they could have not trusted the person online and just not spoke to him or she just should have said no to going to the concert and not have gone and maybe she wouldn’t have know his age.

the main message I took away was don’t trust anyone online and only accept friend request if you know the person.


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