Win at the fair

Win at the fair started of by a game board that we got given and we had to test it out and see if it was a good game board and see if we made money for our school so we all rolled 10-15 times each but we lost around 50 dollars this was the board and this was the data we gathered.

We were given to try out of 1000 rolls of that board and we wanted to at least make 300 dollars from that board an we hoped we could do that . ThenĀ  we were given a task to create a creative game board that we could do what ever with this is what mine look like. It made money because it was 2 dollar entry and if you went forward I would make one dollar because it is 2 dollar entry but it wasn’t very enticing. So if I was about to play I wouldn’t because it was a small chance going left or right .

This was my first board that I thought would earn me money and it is still enticing but we couldn’t do 2 dollar entry and it lost a lot of money I barley made 100 dollars.

here is my second one.

My second one sort of worked it was enticing because it had 100 dollars and 50 dollars so I think people think they could win money and the numbers were to go had 3 left and 3right so it was risky as well so it was a half and half game board it won 300 when it was good and then lost a lot when it didn’t work.

here are all 4 examples

then I thought because it was half and half lower the prices a bit so I did and it was still enticing and it still made me 300 dollars I lowered 100 to 50 then 50 to 25 so if you won that you still get a lot of money and it still looks enticing because 1 dollar could win you 50 dollars or 25 dollars and that we be cool but the numbers going left and right were 2 and 3 for left and for right it was 11 and 12 so it was a bit harder to go left and right so most people would win 20 cent so I made 80 cents from just one roll so that 1000 times could make me a lot of money.

here are the photos.

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