digital etiquette

In this session of digital citizenship we learnt digital etiquette. Then we watched a video on a topic called netiquette.

Netiquette was the main focus words that was told through out the whole film but netiquette¬† means being a kind courteous and respectful online. Flaming was also mention in the film flaming means trying to get someone upset and some people just do it for fun and those people are called trolls. They just want to start a flame war and they also want people to get hurt and they probably will fight back which will make the fight even worse. Anonymous means people stealing Identity it is mainly common with people that are famous and they post fake videos or photos and the celebrity could start a flame war and they could get really mad. Communicating Cleary means having a clear message or text like not typing in all caps lock or using Emojis and not using slang and if you say that’s great just check over it and make sure it makes sense. I think Tim means if you send or post a mean thing something that’s not true or could hurt someone’s feeling¬† and you cant take it off the internet it is permanent.


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