Lego Robotics Term 3

Week 3 lego robotics

The first task was to get a robot to go across a black line but it wasn’t that easy you would have to use the colour sensor i thought it would be easy because you just go straight and there you go but the program was complex i learnt some new blocks along the way then we completed that task.

here is a fail and completion

circle challenge

The circle challenge was my favourite it was challenge and fun the program had different errors through the way but in the end it worked it had only 4 blocks to go around a oval non stop but the colour sensor block was already inbuilt in the repeat block.


The squiggly line challenge

This program we tried to figure out the program about 30 times it was a great challenge but i had to check through the numbers over and over again loads of times but in the end i figured it out i was confused a couple of times


14 Of august

This session was about drawing and changing what was different in each program so for black line i drew the whole thing the circle i am going to do only the block that is different and same for the next one. But what i need to do next is highlight the difficulties on the page. I’m looking forward to the next challenges.


Sessions 2 and 3 week 5

these two sessions were about finishing off the squiggly line challenge and starting the up and back line touch sensor. But lachy and i  were trying the squiggly line challenge over 30 times. I want to take my learning  and find stuff about touch sensor squiggly line

week 7

this week we were finishing off were your up to so lachy and i got through a lot but there were sometimes we couldn’t do it but we got it next we are up to the mars rover space challenge the squiggly line one was where we started here are the videos that we took



This session was about trying to clean up all the programs and make sure you had it. I went and tested all of the programs but one was incorrect. It was the touch turn around program it touch then stoped but i did it in the end.