Week 2 of term 3 all of year 5 got split in Lego robotics or scratch and i was scratch what i learnt was how to use and to get the understanding of the bricks in scratch and what they do. But a couple of times i was struggling with how to make for example to do the 10 block challenge. The 10 block challenge is pretty self explanatory you have 10 blocks and you have to make the script work. But i really enjoyed scratch this week 3 is Lego robotics.


week 4 this week was about 2 things the first one was tough but i loved it. the challenge was to debug the program and make it work it was challenging but i will show the before and after of the fifth one. But we also did a interactive myself project you can see that on my scratch. But you got to fidle with some blocks and see if they work. but here are the photos.