Lego Robotics

Today we started Lego robotics. I was in a group with Alex Sophie but Alex was away. My favourite part was building but Sophie was mostly building and I was getting the parts which made it a lot quicker. I really enjoyed it we haven’t done the coding part yet but I am looking forward to the coding.

here is a photo of the complete robot


The whole year 5 did some coding in the morning. You had a partner and you would say your series of codes and they would have to do. You would have to test a couple of times I attempted to do it on Kieran twice but it wasn’t finished yet.


But I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience


This session was amazing it was really great we just were exploring through Lego mindstorms the programming app we use to program our robot it was great because the robot was just doing different stuff then there was a task but it was hard you had to program the robot to the exact measures there were three different types of ways to program the robot for example  seconds and distance but in the end it was really fun .

Challenge 1

Our first task was to make the robot go up and back in 3 different ways. I thought it would be hard but I eventually completed all the tasks. But I then helped my group to complete the task it was really exiting getting through the challenges. All you need is 4 different parts to make the robot work here are some photos and videos of it working.

challenge 2 diamond weaving.

here is a little screen cast explaining our codes

try 2-1y7quv4

here are also some photos of the robot and the programs

challenge 3 sensors and ELC 4 coming

Part 1

The first part of Friday was just learning how to use sensors and what they do and what they are. I thought i could not use a sensor but i got a program to work for it it is half complete it was really great learning and experiencing tough times and good times. here is the program.

Part 2 ELC coming

This part was the fun part the ELC came and looked and played with the robots because they are learning about robots. I thought it would be a challenge explaining every thing but it was really fun i enjoyed it.

Session 5

The session was learning how to use touch sensors i thought it would be difficult but it was interesting and i got it to work there is 2 challenges 1st  one was to make the touch sensor touch your hand and stop then the next part was to make the robot to go up back side forward and stop. It was confusing for me. But it was fun

session 6

This session Will and I had the honours of building the machines for the mars rover challenge. It was confusing when we couldn’t find parts. Because you would have to go through different parts and when it wasn’t in the box. But i enjoyed it.



session 7

Today in this session Archer and I decided to do the Mars rover challenge.








Rube Goldberg

This experiment was all about testing and designing. The designing we had to do first there is different stages we had 2 designs because we where not sure if the first design would work but it did. You have to have 3 or more simple machines in your rube Goldberg machines. Here is a picture of our little rube gold burg machine and some of the simple machines.

Here is a simple machine

here is two simple machines

here is the third simple machines

Session 2

This session we got to create and explore with pulleys. You got with a partner and got a sheet of instructions. We reed the instructions and then we went off. There were three different tasks 1 pulley 2 pulleys and 4 pulleys. Archer and I completed all the tasks here is some photos of the pulleys.

session 3

this session is about Lego and how you can build your simple machine ours was something that bring the force up by flinging it. It was a bit confusing because you have to find the pieces they don’t give you them. The finding part was defiantly the hardest part of the task and also finding the right size pieces to fit .

Here are some photos.

session 4

This session was about knex this was defiantly my favourite session because it was different you could chose what you wanted to build I built a convabelt it was a real challenge because it had lots of different parts like a wheel and axel and other things but it was my favourite because it was a big challenge.

session 5 The connecting

This session was about connecting all the machines together my group were struggling at the start because we couldn’t think how we could connect it. All the machines were made from something different one was Lego one was knex and one was string and a pulley. Then I had the idea of starting with the pulley which drops the marble into the Lego zig zag ramp then the truck hits it into the cup but it was to complex. Here is what it turned out like.

session 6 planning for the rube Goldberg machine

This session my group and I started designing. It started off really well our rube Goldberg I think will be amazing. Our design was different to the end product it is a lot more detailed and I think more specific on what it does. We wrote down what the machine was meant to do and the instructions how it works. It is not to complicated but that session was fun because next time we will be able to design.

Here are some photos and videos.


Session 6 building the rube Goldberg machine

On the first of June my group and i started to add things to our rube Goldberg machine it was very tough but we now only have one little part to add on the machine. Hopefully we can complete the task in the next couple of days. But we are having a lot of success i thought it would be hard but we really stayed on task last session.

session 7

Today we got near putting all the components together and having it complete it was a real challenge i enjoyed it. This session there was no stuffing around i think we took it more seriously then the other sessions.

Here are some photos and videos just some attempts



Session 8

Today we got our machine working 90% of the time. I thought we would need the next couple of session but we completed the task it was hard but it was fun so next session we will start to be putting all the videos photos fails and completion. It was a really helpful session to our group.

Here are some fails and not fails. Also some photos.  


session 9

The last session

The pressure was on to make your rube Goldberg 80% of the time i had belief we could do it and we did i was proud to be one of the groups done. After the completion we were making sure it works each and every time we completed our goal.

here are some photos and videos.













Angles Investigation

This investigation was a maths one we went on to sites that where called random angles and angles on a line. I liked it because it was interesting how you had to guess what the angle was like this photo.

but before you revel the answer you chose a colour and guess how many degrees it is. I was red it was really hard because it is not just 90 180 45 and 135 and it was any number in between 0-180. That was the first activity here some other photos.


The second activity was harder because it was a 360 rotation and you use a protractor which made it a bit easy you press a button of your choice either 0-180 180-270 270-360 0-360  I really enjoyed it here is some pictures.

This is a one with a protractor

This is one with out