Craft power incursion

Today 20th of march we had a session of wood craft working a man called Anatoli took the session we where looking at tools and what there called like spanner chisel and hammer. First we had to pick a car of your choice like a Lamborghini or Ferrari or porches and then trace it on a piece of wood. I chose a Maserati because I thought it looked cool after I traced the Maserati I then sawed out the lines that I traced. I was thinking it would be easy but it was hard. We used a coping saw to cut out the out line you always had to cut down the line not sideways and defiantly not up ways  not long after that we then had to  sand the edges of the car It was hard because you had to get in little gaps. Then we had to chose a little driver and trace and carve that as well after we carved we then started drawing on the figures in any way it was great that session thanks to Anatoli.

that’s me tracing


Today this little session we drove our cars on 3 different surfaces. Which was on the carpet tennis court and also the oval it was great fun. I thought that the tennis court would go the furthest but it wasn’t that. the one that went the furthest only beat the other by one centimetre I really enjoyed doing the little test of the cars here is a picture of my graph.


Sorting Quadrilaterals


Parallel: To opposite sides that are never going to touch

Opposite: To sides facing each other

Congruent: The sides are the same in every way

Adjacent: Sides that are next to each other

Acute Angle: An angle less than one quarter of a turn

Obtuse Angle: An angle larger than a quarter turn

Reflex Angle: Larger than a half turn



Centripetal Force

Today the 3/3/17 during design we went outside and started spinning buckets with water challenge. We firstly filled a bucket and then and we spun the bucket. the centripetal force and the speed was making the water push out which kept it in the bucket then we started talking about centripetal force

and how it works.



Today  we were investigating how can we make the best game board, all of us set of to work and started creating a Addo board. Addo is a game like Naughts and crosses but with numbers.

You chose any 9 numbers between 0 and 20 then you put them in a three by three grid. You then make a board and add your nine numbers to the Grid. I was thinking it would be easy to create a amazing game board but it was harder than I thought. You then ask your opponent to do exactly the same. I thought the game would turn out to be easy but it turned out complicated. you and your opponent 22 cards numbered 0 to 10. They double up and therefore the maximum number you can get is 20. Then the lowest number is 0.

Mix the 22 cards together and pull off the top two cards to reveal your result. I started to think strategically and what number comes up most. I found out 11 comes out most from doing a investigation. Seeing which numbers come up most but these are the numbers that don’t come up a lot 0 1 2 3 4 5 15 16 17 18 19 20.

If you have that number of your board you cross it out. The first person to cross three numbers in a row wins. I wondered if I could win all the games with this board but it didn’t work out to well.

Here is a picture of Sam’s board, Jonny’s board and my board.