Roller Coaster

Friday/Thursday 24/2/17

session one

on Friday and Thursday we started our roller coaster design we where looking at kinetic energy and how can the ball get momentum through the whole roller coaster. We all looked at roller coaster videos and how it works. Some rollercoaster get pulled up to the highest spot on the roller coaster or some get shot like a rubber band to start. We also look at a video of tony hawk not falling off a loop with a skateboard. He has a whole load of speed to go the whole way round.


A couple of days later we started constructing and experimenting with tubes to make our roller coasters.  Mr Colbert offered us some Kinects With my group we started off with a bendy piece of tube and then we moved on to cardboard and some stuff my group started constructing things like different my head I started to think the loop was going to be easy but when we tried to make the loop it didn’t urn out to well.That’s all we got up to in constructing our roller coasters.But next time we have to think how can it stay up the whole time and make it smaller .We also have to make the roller coaster more stable .

here is a photo of my group constructing and here is a video of the first roller coaster.

4th session

This session we had to blog or build I redesign and blogged I started to blog and think what can I do next and how will it make it the whole way round then I started making a new design more smaller and less complex  I am still going on with it I also thought how can the marble make the loop really easy and go the whole way round I started thinking a sudden drop but that would be boring so I thought of a slop straight Into a funnel then to a loop then that session finished.

this is the start of my design.

Session 5

This session I started off by designing and fine lining my design  it was easy and do the simple things first I thought by doing a different design but personally I liked my design it was not to complicated. Then we where aloud to design. I thought It would be easy but we had to make a dome of kinetic then we started the whole design the first part of our roller coaster was interesting how the dome could hold the funnel. But that was the end of the session.


This is the dome to hold the funnel


Session six

In this session I started to build at the start of the lesson which was great so I got extra time to build. I started to think how will the big kinetics so I changed it and used the kinetics for the pipe and build another thing for the funnel which turned out well. We just need to make the loop smaller but it jumps into the funnel and goes into the pipe but it started off well but it didn’t go round but that’s what we have to do next time that was the end of the session but we know what to work on next time.

This is a photo of our roller coaster.

Session Seven

This session today I thought this was the day that my roller coaster works I felt great about it so we set off to work we were building a kinetics tower to hold the tube. Before we put the tube in I thought it wouldn’t be stable so we added to little supports at the back so I changed my design. the whole roller coaster was holding up really well it had allot of support. I enjoyed that session it was great fun.

here is my design.


here is the support for the tube.

Session 8

This session we had 1 hour to join with another group. We luckily found another group it worked out really well because 1 we found a group and 2 it was a easy connection. We put the other groups on a table because it was taller and we had to connect a metal pipe to a pipe but it didn’t work. So we got a connecter thing and then we wedged a pencil through the connecter to make it fit I thought that was never going to work but it did hen we added a couple cable ties and then it worked then we tested it. It actually worked.

here is a video of our roller coaster working.


session 8 part 2

The next day I and my group the last video you saw was the roller coaster working and now we are in proving this is what it looks like now.

Mr Colbert asked us to add a imaginary station we people get off and lifted up to get on he is our imaginary station we were struggling with it I thought we couldn’t make it work but it did.

here is a photo of the station.

From there it gets lifted up to the top

That was basically the session because we were thinking that was the end of the session

Session 9

This session my group and I were reconstructing our roller coaster. We added a backboard to the little station and some zip ties to keep them in place. This was our last session I started working hard then we got a little bit of time to work but then we went to look at others roller coaster. I was impressed with how hard every one has worked it was a great gallery. We went all round looking at everyone’s roller coasters some I loved because they had put lots of effort in it but well done to everyone. It was a wonderful experience going well with some mistakes and not so well with the others. but in the end it would turn out perfect. Here is some photos along the way.


This was a video stream from first to last.




Cereal Box Marble Roller


On Friday session 1 we started our own marble run. Then we began to think wise and draw neatly what would our marble run  look like will it have enough tape to hold the marble and not fall and break down. We had to think draw and unravel our ideas. After our drawing we had to label every part in the drawing it also had to be neat. Our goal was to make the marble go really slow the. Better rides are the slow rides yeah.

This is my design

Then Friday the 6th session 2 we started constructing our first design we had to use 30cm tape scissors and a ruler we had to think how will it work and will it fall out. We had to start by cutting out the front of the box and use that for the slops and stuff. Then I started constructing my marble run.  My first design worked I was glad that it worked. I learnt a whole lot through my marble run.          Here is my first marble run

Cereal Marble Roller Number 2

Today we where adding our finishing touches. We had been told before our second construction you had to make the marble roller as slow as you can. My first one took 1 second my second one was 3 to 4 seconds. The first one I built was just simple ramps I was trying and trying but on the first it would fall off on the first ramp. So I added a little strip of cardboard and it did the job and it was working from then on.

Here is my second marble run