Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?  I started with doing a snow boarding clip but the camera didn’t work to well so we had to think of a new idea and I came up with photography and it worked out well

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? it was easy to put together but hard to go every where and take photos so I used some old photos. 

How did you overcome the challenges? I just put some old photos in the project and then it turned out easier then expected

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project? add some more photos and make it have more length


#passion project update

well I have changed my idea to photography all the photos were taken when I went to Port Douglas and some others

What have you achieved so far?

I have all my photos and I will still go take some more but I need to upload them on to my computer and find music and then put it into movie maker or premier.


 What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

I reflected back on when we first started filming and I remembered the 3×3 squares and straight lines and all the other clinics and did that and took the photos it was a lot easier

What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

when I first started the 3×3 thing it was a bit confusing which made it harder but the successes were I took the photo and they turn out better then I thought I would.

What is the next step for you?

putting it on my computer and getting music in the background  and putting it all together.


the lost princess

in digital citizenship we watched a short film about dangers that could possibly happen to you online. it was based around a girl who goes online she says she is 13 but she is 11 because she think people won’t like her. She makes her appearance look nothing like she is. she makes a friend called white night.

the first problem she encountered was he ask what she looks like and she says what do you look like and he found a picture online and showed her but it wasn’t really him and she believed him and thought she was meeting a young boy. the second problem was she got ask to a concert and she wasn’t aloud to watch because she was to young. But she went any way without her mum knowing. then she went there and meet this 40 year old guy and she just looked shocked.

I think it effected her life I think she would stop using the internet and maybe stop giving away personal information and not trust anyone online only if you know them in real life then do it and talk to


I think the issue was resolved by the guard came but she didn’t resolve it she only called her mum at the end to pick it up but she may not trust people online any more so she learnt not to trust some one you don’t know.

well they could have not trusted the person online and just not spoke to him or she just should have said no to going to the concert and not have gone and maybe she wouldn’t have know his age.

the main message I took away was don’t trust anyone online and only accept friend request if you know the person.


Term 3 passion project

What do you intend to create?

I intend to create  a short snowboarding clip of myself  riding down MT  Buller  and just having fun with my family  and some  stuff we did when we went to the snow.

 What technologies are you planning to use / learn about?

I used a Sony hd camera that I put on my helmet on an angle so you could see the tip of my board when I was riding and doing jumps.

Who is your project targeted at?

well anyone but mostly ski and snowboard lovers that just like going to the snow and snowboarding or skiing .

What are you looking forward to?

well going to the snow and having lots of fun.



Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Yes I wasn’t sure about adding the scientist but I did because I filmed it so I thought it would just go to waste so I think it fits in with the project.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? 

I found it hard to find time to film because I have a sport on everyday and it was hard and editing but the successes I found was making the shot it didn’t take to long what I expected but it was still long.

How did you overcome the challenges? 

well I sort of with the finding time I found some time after school so that was lucky and my brothers weren’t there it was much easier then I expected.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

well find more time to film and utilise that and maybe add more shots.

Win at the fair

Win at the fair started of by a game board that we got given and we had to test it out and see if it was a good game board and see if we made money for our school so we all rolled 10-15 times each but we lost around 50 dollars this was the board and this was the data we gathered.

We were given to try out of 1000 rolls of that board and we wanted to at least make 300 dollars from that board an we hoped we could do that . Then  we were given a task to create a creative game board that we could do what ever with this is what mine look like. It made money because it was 2 dollar entry and if you went forward I would make one dollar because it is 2 dollar entry but it wasn’t very enticing. So if I was about to play I wouldn’t because it was a small chance going left or right .

This was my first board that I thought would earn me money and it is still enticing but we couldn’t do 2 dollar entry and it lost a lot of money I barley made 100 dollars.

here is my second one.

My second one sort of worked it was enticing because it had 100 dollars and 50 dollars so I think people think they could win money and the numbers were to go had 3 left and 3right so it was risky as well so it was a half and half game board it won 300 when it was good and then lost a lot when it didn’t work.

here are all 4 examples

then I thought because it was half and half lower the prices a bit so I did and it was still enticing and it still made me 300 dollars I lowered 100 to 50 then 50 to 25 so if you won that you still get a lot of money and it still looks enticing because 1 dollar could win you 50 dollars or 25 dollars and that we be cool but the numbers going left and right were 2 and 3 for left and for right it was 11 and 12 so it was a bit harder to go left and right so most people would win 20 cent so I made 80 cents from just one roll so that 1000 times could make me a lot of money.

here are the photos.

digital etiquette

In this session of digital citizenship we learnt digital etiquette. Then we watched a video on a topic called netiquette.

Netiquette was the main focus words that was told through out the whole film but netiquette  means being a kind courteous and respectful online. Flaming was also mention in the film flaming means trying to get someone upset and some people just do it for fun and those people are called trolls. They just want to start a flame war and they also want people to get hurt and they probably will fight back which will make the fight even worse. Anonymous means people stealing Identity it is mainly common with people that are famous and they post fake videos or photos and the celebrity could start a flame war and they could get really mad. Communicating Cleary means having a clear message or text like not typing in all caps lock or using Emojis and not using slang and if you say that’s great just check over it and make sure it makes sense. I think Tim means if you send or post a mean thing something that’s not true or could hurt someone’s feeling  and you cant take it off the internet it is permanent.


Think online

In this subject we learnt about online danger and what you have to be careful of. but we got asked a acronym and to sort of have a go and say what you thought it was for each letter but the word was THINK. Think is the acronym that you should follow before you post any thing. These are the things that you should think of and what they stand for. T stands for true H stands for helpful I stands for inspiring N stands for necessary and K stands for is it kind. would you like it if someone did something that didn’t follow the rule.


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