Year 6 Science – What Is Matter?

In science today we learnt about matter. Here are some of the things I learnt.

We first were asked this question, what is matter?  At first I matter is something you can pick up or hold but I found out it is actually everything that takes up space and has mass. Then we found out that mass isn’t weight and the example we got was if you were on the moon your weight would change but the space you take up or your mass stays the same so therefor weight and mass are not the same.

Then we talked about the five states of matter. The first three are, solids, liquids and gas these states of matter are the ones that make up most of the earth. The forth state of matter makes up 99% of the universe and that is plasma. The fifth state of matter is man made and it is called Bose-Einstein condensates. It was made by trying to freeze a metal called rubidium to absolute zero to study quantum physics. It is made up of one big atom.


Then we talk about the atoms inside solids, liquids and gas.

In a solid the atoms are tightly compact so that it will keep its shape.

In liquids the atoms are further apart so it will flow.

And in gasses the atoms are very far apart so it is very free.

Lesson 2

Chemical/Physical Changes

We started off the lesson with a quiz to jog our memories. Then we Mr G got a piece of paper and scrunched it up and asked if it was a physical change or a chemical change. It was physical because although it looked different it still remained its original properties. Then he burned the paper and  asked if it was a physical change or a chemical change. It was a chemical change because it no longer had its original form. After that we got a list of things that were either chemical or physical changes and I learnt that brushing your teeth is both a physical and chemical change. After that we looked at the safety precautions of the experiments that we are going to do.

Physical and Chemical Changes - YouTube

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