This term we are we have been set the task to code the Spheros using block based code and Java scripted.

In my group there is Oliver Perry, Harry McLean and me and our goal is to code a Spheros to go in a Skate Park. But first we have to

complete a series of challenges in Block based code and then.

This is one of our Challenges that we had to do. It is called the Spinning top game and when you spin it the Sphero spins to. We do the code on a I Pad and watch the video on our laptop.


This is the the code for our spinning top game. It starts with on start program and it turns stabiliser off. After that it turns back LED light to 251. Then the I Pad will say ‘spin Sphero like a spinning top and it will change colour. Then the I pad will say ‘Spin Sphero like a spinning top’. A light will come on when the Sphero stops spinning.



The toss game is where you have to toss the Sphero and when the Sphero is in the air it will make an animal sound and you have to guess what the animal. When the Sphero is in the air it senses it and will make an animal sound and you have to guess


This is the project working, we all shared the rolls by rotating from building, coding and doing blogs so that every person got a goat doing everything.


I learnt in these design sessions about how to code a Sphero Java script and also block based code. I also learnt  how the Sphero moved even

though it is in the circle and I thought that this was interesting. Coding the Sphero was enjoyable and i had fun getting around the obstacles that were in our way

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