Haunted House Mini-Golf

My groups original goal is to create a mini-golf course that includes a haunted theme. The technology that we are using is Lego and hummingbird. it has spinning graves, turning doors and light behind a silhouette.



This my original design of the parts and complexities. It is a mini-golf course with a silhouette that has lights behind it and makes it look scary. It also has a pipe underneath that once you get the ball in the hole it will deliver it back to the start.



This is my first iteration of the spinning graves that I am making. I am making the spinning graves by sticking on the cardboard graves





These are some of the pictures of my mini golf course that I took today. The black house has a little hole in it for the ball, it is all in the same line so if you get it through the house then you get it in the hole. but it is very very hard to get in.


Here is a video of my mini-golf spinning graves are working. It is going very good, the code is working so we think that we have finished the spinning. graves.

This is my hummingbird that I have been working on with the code. It makes the light go on behind the silhouette to make the silhouette to make it look cool and scary.




This is the code that I use to make the graves spin. They spin at speed 50 and they do 1 spin. It doesn’t seem to be working but i will try a different way.



This is a screen cast of my spinning graves code and how it works.

This is the new addition of our spinning graves they work very well and we think that we have finished them. On our course they are positioned on the left of the house. We use these spinning graves to make it harder to go past the house.


This is a video of the turning doors. They use two big motors and it is connected by a Lego piece. The doors block the ball from going into the haunted house to make it harder and to put more technology into the mini-golf course.



Here is a better version that explains how the doors work and it gives an explanation for the code.



































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