Lego Robotics Project


This is my Lego robotics project that I made on my own off by heart. it is a plane and what it is supposed to do is sway side to side to make it seem like its in the wind. there is one big motor in this structure and it is a big motor and it spins around so you can use it for wheels on a car in my case to make something sway side to side

This is an Lego E.V.3 Mindstorms robot that controls every thing that happens when I start the code. It literally  controls everything that happen with the motors and it a key aliment that will bring your robot to life.

This is test 1 of my robot working although it does what I want it to do it still is a little bit to fast and it ruins that plane affect and what I will do to  prevent it from happening is I will change the speed on my Lego Mindstorms program.

This is one of the blocks that I to code my robot working and it controls the motor and tells it what to do and when to spin, how long to spin for and how fast to spin. This code is also essential for my plane to spin correctly.



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