These are some of the videos and pictures of my Microbit in action. what you do to get the code onto your Microbit from your computer is you use a USB cord because the Microbit has a USB cord input. The Microbit has so many features, for example The weather, text, LED lights, buttons motion sensors, icons and you can evenĀ  play Rock Paper Scissors. My first video is of a flashing heart, it was tricky but I did it in the end.I hope you enjoy my videos.


Debug it 2.1-2.5


Oddball is an inspiring movie about a person taking action and saving penguin colonyImage result for oddball My favourite scene was when Jack was shot with a tranquilizer gun. This ties in with our Enviro learning because he is doing something to help life on earth. The saddest bit was when Oddball was shot and no one could find him

My Scratch game

Here is my scratch maze game that I created. I started with a blank white screen and then I made the background. Then I got my sprites from the folder above the bee. After that I told the bee how to move. The aim of the game is for the bee to touch the cat. I learnt how to add sound.

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