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In my inquiry lesson I learnt how to use adobe premier.

Wireless microphones

Today I learnt about lapel mics, HFG cameras and hand held microphones.

Royalty free music

Today I learnt about royalty free music.

Zoom cameras

Today I learnt about zoom cameras.

Shotgun Mics

Today we learnt about shotgun mics.  

Cam quarters and tri-pods

Today I did cam quarters and tri-pods and camra shots. We also learnt about different camera shots.

Audio booths

Today I learnt about the rules and how to use the equipment in the audio booths.  

Shot lists and story boards

Today I learnt about shot lists and story boards.

Presenting your piece to camera

For my lesson I did presenting your piece to camera and I learnt about what you need to know before…

Point and shoot cameras

In my lesson with Miss Williamson I did point and shoot cameras and we learnt about the rule of thirds,…

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