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At first I was planning of making cards and selling them at local stores but that didn’t really work so…


I have done lots of different types of styles and designs for my cards which have been really fun to…


I intend to create a card business and do cool things on the front cover. My grandpa, Pa, his friend…

Year 6 Science- What is Matter?

Today in Inquiry we learnt about what matter is and what the five states of matter are and much more!…

Passion Project Update

I have put together lots of photos and videos for my passion project of my farm and have a picture…

6 squares

#2 2 by 5 2 by 3 3 by 4 1 by 6 3 by 3 2 by 4 #…


Tetrahedron 6 faces 4 edges 4 vertices

Polyhedron maths cube

Cube 6 faces, 8 vertices, 8 edges

Polyhedrons maths Rectangular prism

Rectangular prism 6 Faces, 8 vertices, 8 edges

Passion Project Description

My passion project in going to be on my farm and I’m going to show the fun and exciting things…

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