Passion Project

Mountain Bike Track #Description  The Passion Project I have chosen this term is to make a mountain bike track and creating the course itself. I have chosen this choice because I just always wanted to make a mountain bike track in my background, like who wouldn’t a Mountain bike track right outside there door. My Plan […]

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk One of the main messages that Birke got across was to make a change to organic not chemical-ed food or like tomato with fish DNA and change to the food that’s real food. Another one was a great message and he said “Would rather pay for organic or the hospital” Which […]

Think Online

T: Is it True?Before saying something that isn’t true and think about it before you send. Not by meaning the truth like so much information but by that no giving to much information.  H: Is it Helpful? Before sending a comment to post or message think about is it a helpful comment that will make someone […]

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk In Thomas’s Talk his main message was obvious, it is to get more people involved with creating apps and teaching people how he made his apps. He was very informative plus he changed his tone by not staying in that same tone all the time, also he made people have reaction […]

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