Term 4 Project


Hayder and I had decided to a Stop Motion Lego Cops and Robbers Soccer Game. Today for our first time starting we had tried our new app Stop Motion and this is what we ended up on making. This is nothing close is to what we are doing.

It might have looked a bit blury because I videoed it from my iPad when it was playing.

We are planing on making the soccer field at the moment with green panels for the grass and white lines for the marking of the outline, the middle and the box.

This is our drawing for our plan.

Our materiel:


Nine of these


A LOT of these

 Ultimate Team

Verse The cops.


It’s a Champions League Final Ultimate Team vs Cops.


So far we have made a bit of the soccer field. We have put down all the panels and added some of the white lines.


In the end we are going to have the goals made, the crowd made and all the white lines attached so we can make the movie. There will be 6 a side because 11 would be too big for the field.


Today Hayder and I have done a lot of progress This is what we have done.

Side angle

We have made the goal box as well as the d, the centre circle of the field and corners. We have also made a walk way for the players when they come on the pitch.

The walk way is Orange and has a arch shaped tunnel for the players plus the referee to walk through to start to kick off the game.



Today we were watching tutorials of stop motion. It was called Guide to make a Lego Tutorial. It taught us how to make a Spot light on the field. You have to have a dark spot and then a lamp shining on it. Here is what the video looks like.


Today Hayder and I had made the crowd for the soccer field. Instead of making the box we had printed pictures of a Lego crowd then we had glued it onto the piece of cardboard then we had cut the piece of cardboard into the right size so we could stand it upright and it would be inline. Down below there is picture of the crowd and the stadium.

Now we have fixed the whole on the crowd because it has been supported with cardboard on the back to hold it.



Hayder and I had ordered Lego soccer players online about a week ago and it still hasn’t came. We need it quick cause we can’t start our filming without the players. Were thinking about spiting the ultimate team in half because them take the cops would be way unfair here is what the teams are going to be now.

In my Ultimate team I have Messi, Neymar Jr , De Bruyne and Luka Modric. In Hayder’s Ultimate team he has Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Cavani and David Beckham.


Hayder and I have figured out that if we don’t hold the camera, then the angle wont change, and if the angle wont change it will look like a video. Another way to not change the angle is to blue tack the pitch to the table. To test this, Hayder and I made a stop motion video. It is of a guy going through the tunnel moving to the middle of the pitch and waving.


Today we are going to start our goals but we didn’t know how to make a Lego soccer goal cause it’s really hard to make, so we had looked up on YouTube how to make Lego soccer and this is the video we had watched.


This is the start of our goal. But haven’t found the right pieces for this yet.

These are the rest of the things I need to complete the goals.



When I have finished the goals, Hayder and I will have started our recording for the finished game. We are videoing in a recording booth because it is soundproof, it is dark and we can record the sound effects with no sound in the background.



Today the Lego soccer mini figures arrived they have incredible detail on there jerseys and the guy was so nice that he had made every single player come with a World Cup Soccer ball because of how sad he felt for the 1 month.here is what they look like.

My Team

Left Winger/ Neymar

Right Winger/Messi

CAM/De Bruyne


Keeper/Normal Person


Hayders Team

Left Winger/Beckham

Right Winger/Ronaldo (Brazilian)

CAM/Ronaldo (Portuguese)


Keeper/Normal Person


Now we are going to make the crowd more Lego life looking.



Today we had set everything up for Friday when we start filming. Today I was talking to Mr Colbert about everything you need for stop motion, and he had said that “you need to have light’s on top of the field so it shadows so it looks so realistic, trust me it looks so much better then last time. We also had to put a white board behind it in the gap of the table.


What the camera see’s

What we see from our angle.

We had to put dictionary’s under the lights so you get a higher view



Today Hayder and I had made a lot of progress and had started filming and it worked out much better  than we planned and all went well. We divided not to do the walk through so they started strait away. Here is a sneak peek of what we have started filming.

Stop Motion

I couldn’t get the video so there is the link to the video footage.



Today we had made the score 1 all Ronaldo scored and we had put the commentary (Martin Tyler and Alan Smith) into the game to make it sound cooler and realistic.





How well did I do?

I think I did really well and achieving a great accomplishment of compleating the stop motion soccer game, but what didn’t go well was that the players didn’t arrive until a month and if sonner then we would have finished it in no time. The man was so sorry that he gave us 8 LEGO soccer balls which was good.



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