My teacher had asked me to prove to him that this rectangle full of shapes really are that fraction of the rectangle. Here is what I thought was the fractions of the shapes itself.

I cut this rectangle into 8 pieces and I notice that the blue rectangle is one eighth of the whole rectangle.

Now for the second one which is the 32th (the white triangle).


I know that it is a 32th because that in one whole rectangle (the blue one), has four triangles that can fit into the rectangle. So then I started to do some quick maths, just in my head and the answer was 32 because I know that 4×8=32 .


Now for the next one which is the big green which is the triangle. I found this one extremely easy to prove because it is just to 1/32 together. Which we all know 1/32 + 1/32 =1/16

so that one was pretty easy.


Onto the next one which is Number 7. If you knew what the white triangles then you can figure out this. I figured it out by placing three triangles into that one shape, and three thirty two’s equals 3/32.


Now to the next one which is the green slim rectangle. I figured this out because on the top photo, across of the green rectangle was equaly lined up and it was a half of the big blue rectangle. That’s how I figured it out.


Now to the next one the biggest rectangle. I found out that this was three 16th’s  because it is the size of the blue rectangle and one green rectangle which is equal to 3/16.


For the next one which is the big yellow square I know that this is one eight because it mite just be my eyes that can see or that when cut the blue rectangle (Which is an eight) and you place the to rectangle pieces together in the shape of the square it is the same width and length of the perimeter of the square.


Now for number 6. Numb er 6 is a easy one because we all know that number 6 is a half of the big square so it is a 1/16.


Now for the next one which is number nine. I know that number 9 is a half of number 6 which is equalled to 1/32.


And last but not least number ten. This one is by far the easiest one of all because number 10 is half of number 9 so it is 1/64.


Dear Mister Colbert,

On my blog i tried a number of times to insert a picture on my blog. I got one picture, all it said was HTTP error so dad said i had to work with out it sorry.

From Aidan


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