Kite’s Degrees and Angles

Measuring the Kite’s.

I know that when placed all kite’s in a row at the bottom of the kite (acute angle) all adds up to three hundred and sixty degree’s which would be know as 360 with a little circle on top which stand’s for degree’s. I can’t do that though it just doesn’t allow me to. Here is a photo. I also know that it is 45 degrees on the bottom (half a right angle) and 90 degrees at the top (right angle) On the left photo I was trying to say was. When folded in half it is the exact same as the other side It’s called symmetrical. On the top one 115 degrees I wasn’t able to change it to right answer which actually was 112.5. I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!

Proof that all the angles are exactly precise.

I know that all the angle are right because I checked the measurement like this picture here I’ll show you it’s at the bottom of the slide. On the photo I was trying to say that when folded the kite it is symmetrical so it is the exact same.  Here is a video proof

Here is also a photo of the top and bottom angle and degree’s, also if folded in half it is the exact same. It’s called line’s of symmetry.

Hopefully you can go home tonight and be able to do what I can.

Thanks for reading.

Hope you have learnt something.


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