In Arduino my group is Ollie, George C and I  in our Arduino Box we had all these different things and here is what some of the were.


Image result for Arduino battery pack duracell Battery PackImage result for Arduino breadboardBread board

Image result for Arduino jumper wireRelated imageJumper Wires


Related imageLED’s

We had a set challenge which was to make a short circuit which looked like this.


On the bottom left corner is the batteries which is connected to the LED light’s then it went on.

The second challenge was Using the Arduino Uno board which looked like this.

Image result for Arduino Uno board

Then we connected the Uno board to the bread board with a thing called resister which had connected it together and then you add the LED light and Hooray! it turns on. This program was blink.

this is the real life picture.


The next challenge was the push button this is what it look’s like. The program for this one was push button.

Image result for Arduino Button

We completed it but it was pretty hard. this is what it looked like.

the next challenge was the LED light won with out the BREAD BOARD! which program was Test Arduino. This is what it looked like.


If you looked close and stare at it you will likely go blind it’s really bright.

The next challenge was The perimeter which looked like this.

Related image

This is what it really looked liked (in real life).

The next challenge was incredibly cool it was called Circuit_06_Scrolling.  It’s really cool I will show you a close up photo. Just so you know the massive LED light is just that George, Ollie and I were testing if the traffic light’s would work.

I’ll show you a front angle video and show you were the action happens.

Our traffic light kinda look’s a basketball hoop but now were focusing on the bread board with the 8th challenge called Multiple LED’s also the coding is called the exact same as the other but the difference is that this challenge has more light’s then the other. This is the coding’s name  Circuit_07_Scrolling but two code’s work for this challenge the other code is Circuit_08_bargraph. This is the video of double success because we also made the traffic light blink.







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