Micro Worlds



On these micro worlds sessions we have been having to make quadrilateral the first one I made was the rectangle this is a diagram of all the angles.

What I was trying to say was all the corners angle equal to 90 degrees times that by four it’s 360

Cartesian Plane.


What I know about the Cartesian Plane?

AĀ  CartesianĀ PlaneĀ is a grid with all different square which representĀ  cm2 which mean’s centimetre square. In this challenge we were set to place 4 shapes around the page using setpos. Setpos is were you would like you shape to be placed around the grid with number’s used by x, y they stand for vertical and horizontal. Here is a picture of theĀ CartesianĀ Plane.

In myĀ CartesianĀ PlaneĀ the shapes I had was a rectangle, square, circle and trapezium. Here is a video of the process of theĀ CartesianĀ Plane.

Here is my coding.

I’m not going to lie but I did not do very precise setpos because this is my way I did.

I know there was an easier way but I wanted to try something new and challenge myself.


I hope that when you go home you will have told everyone that you learn’t something new about setpos.

I hope I have taught you something through my blog.

Thanks for reading

Kind regard’s Aidan.




OtherĀ CartesianĀ Plane

Here is my coding

repeat 180 [fd 1 rt 1]
fd 50
fd 50 fd 10
repeat 360 [fd 1 rt 1]
repeat 12 [rt 30 square]
repeat 12 [rt 30 circle]
repeat 12 [lt 30 rectangle]


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