Who Am I?

Dear Matron Rose,

Thank you so much for writing back to me, but there’s  a couple of things

I need to talk to you about.Why didn’t you answer my questions, is there

something I shouldn’t know. By the way thanks for  complimenting on

my writing, I think it’s improved as well. The other day I went to the

Sydney Zoo, I really liked the elephant rides with a man in the cap drivin’

the elephant. On Anzac day there was a march in town for all the men

who went to the war to fight for Australia, then we did a minute silence.

PS: have you sent my letter to my mum, if you have then thank you tell

me when she sends back and I made a new friend named Toni, she’s really

nice. Hope everyone is okay, especially little john.

Please reply, I miss you

From Mary


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