Simple Machines YAY!

Design project with Simple Machines!

Ollie and I made 6 simple machines which are a wedge, lever, inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axle and a screw.

let me show you what they do lets start with a wedge

A wedge means something that is used to pull apart things.

and then we also made a lever. but with a lever it was really hard to find an object with a lever in it, but then we thought of a stapler  which looks like this.

A lever means a common thing that can be used to reduce the effort that is needed to get a job done.


A screw is a simple machine used to hold objects together.



An axle is a central shaft for rotating wheel or gear.


A pulley is a kind of lever that uses a rope to lift and object.

Inclined Plane

You can use an Inclined Plane to help move an object to a higher or lower point (it’s looks the exact same as a wedge).

and so on. because that me and Ollie had finished our simple machines we had to make a machine with a simple machine in it. So we decided that we both loved the pulley so we made a weight compare which looked like this (IT WAS SO HARD!!!).

pretty big right.

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