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Robot Dance

Session 1

In design today we started a new part of robotics, well 3 new parts. We had to chose between Line following, challenge mats and robot dancing.I chose robot dancing.

Line following, is well line following so it is where you program your robot to follow a black line using the colour sensor. The robot goes left and right a few inches, this helps it find the black line.

Challenge mats, challenge mats is were there is a mat an don it are 3D Lego objects what you have to do is solve those challenges there are lots on each mat and in the classroom there is 2 or 3.

Robot dancing, robot dancing is were you create a play, story or dance with your robot. You have to do it to so if you are doing a dace you have to dance with the robot. If you are doing are doing a play you have to be a part of it, not be the main part but be maybe be apart of the set of you can act in it to. You have to create a idea and get the music to match what you are doing.

I am in a group with Lulu, Milly and Jasmine. We are doing a dance are song is called hideaway. Our robot is going to be dressed as a person we mite be using a barbie doll to put on top. The background is going to be a brick wall well 2 we are going to have 2 a small one for the robot to hide behind and a big one for all of us to hide behind

Today is the second working on our dace we have change our idead to the little mermaid and we are doing the song under the sea.

Session 2

We change our Idea to under the sea. So our robot is going to be the mermaid it was going to be the crab but that was to hard. We are going to have a blue background  so it looks like the sea. Milly and I coloured the mermaid in witch took up most of the time. We talked about  what it was going to look like.

The set is as I said is going to be blue we are going to a lot of boxes to build up. There is going to be light green and dark green and there is going to be fish in the background

Session 3

Today we are going to make seaweed, maybe get some cardboard for the background, and decorate the robot. I did the seaweed wile Lulu and Jasmine programed and Milly cut out the banner. I got light and dark green paper and drew the seaweed. I also put small seaweed on the robot with grey cardboard around it so it covered the sticky tap from the seaweed and then we decide on the fabric for the costumes.


Session 4

In design today we got a  lot of things done. I went on to putting all of the banner peace’s on to a peace of sting. It was a very time consuming. Then I drew each letter of the little mermaids on to the triangles. I put bubble letters on it with different patterns inside of it. Which meant I had to take all of the triangles off I only got to drew 3 letters because I started with 6 done but I had done then upside down so the hole punch was at the bottom not the top so I really wasted my time trying to make a banner. We are not doing a banner any more manly because of how long it takes to make and we have more important things to do.

Session 5

We started the session by reading the rubric out to all of the robot dance people. One of the parts was to make your robot stand out not by costume as in having arms and legs and that move around so today Jasmine and I made our robot look different and have a different design. We thought we would have  waving arms that go around and  around so we lifted up the bick and moved some things around and put moters next to the brick and put a long strip of Lego on top of it.

Session 6

We can not figure out what brick the arms were. We new what port they were in D and C. but not the brick. We new that it was going to be in the green section because that is the motion section in the system. We fist tried the normal movement brick but no matter what we changed it still did not work it terns out the it was this one——————————-        fvnalwj

I t was the one next to the normal one so we in the end we found it  so now we know when we need it. Today we also emailed the art teacher so we could go and paint our background.

Session 7

Today we are going to the art room to paint our backroad the only problem is that we have no background. We are hoping that we will be able to get a big peace of paper or cardboard. We ended up getting a huge peace of brown paper. We wen ton to the little patio outside of the art room to paint our paper.  We chose a blue for the under the sea. We also used rollers so it would take half the time, and it toke like 5 mins. It also toke the whole of lunch to dry when it was dry we stake all of the decorations on it looked so good.

Session 8

Today we are making the costumes we are using paper we have lots to make skirt and 2 bracelets for each of us and rings and I am making the headbands they look so cool but they are taking a long time to make but I do not think they are going to work so I think we are not going to do it.

Session 9

Today was a really slow day for us I got lots of programing done today but we were not thinking very well we were putting bubbles on the background and we did not need them there. I did have trouble with the robot it fell of the table so I had to fecks that which took up most of that session.

session 10





Robotics-session 4

In design today we did Purpose, Parts, Complexities. Fist we had to draw a picture of our robot. Then we had to label the parts. We had to look really close For example the tyre on the tyre there is the spokes and rim not just the tyre. Next we had to look at the purposes of the things we labelled. For example the rim is there to hold up the tyre and so it dose not flop. Next we had to answer this question.How is the human nervous system similar to our EV3 robot? Well to be able to take one step we have to send a message from our brains to the body part we want to move. For example we would have to start by bending our right leg so it makes a 90* then left the right foot up 10 centre meters. then extend the right leg. Then drop foot 10 centre meters. that is how I expand how to step. The next question we had to answer what was a system. My first thought was a group of thing working together to make one thing happen. Then we saw a picture of what someone’s thought of what a system was. It had two thing on it what a system and what was not a system. The one that was not a system had a picture of a heap of thing and it said if I add something it will still be a heap of things and if I take away something it will still be a heap if things. The next picture (the one that they thought was a system) had a picture of I think 5 things and they were all joined together and making one thing happen together. That is what we learned in design today.




Robotics – seasion 3

Today in design we finished building our robot. Miss Watson showed us how to program our robot I found the programing a lot like Lego we did in term 1. We had the challenge of programing our robot to go forwards one metre and back one metre. Its was really hard to make it go forward and then straight back we kept on making our robot turn but in the end we got it done. I had to use Issy’s computer because the program on my computer was not working. We got our robot to go forwards for 3 seconds but that was way to short then we tried 4 seconds but that wasn’t good enough so we then tried 6 seconds and it was to far so we tried 5 it was perfect our robot was just touching (this was only forward I do not know the time for going back)  we had our robot at the speed of 100 and that was a good speed. We a bit behind because we did not finish building in the first season ,so we had to do it in the second session.

Robotics -Seasion 2


Today in robotics we had to finish our robot well only our group and about 3 other groups.The rest started doing programming.We hand only a little bit left to go. We had to add white thing and the tyres.We had a problem putting on the white thing because well the first time we put it on backwoulds the second time up side down and the third time we put it in thge wrong spot but we got ther in the end.We had to conect the white thing to the robot with little blue and black things.We did get it in the end. Next we had to do the tyers first they were to big secone they were to small third we could not find ones that fitted.Forth they did not move.Fithed we could not take apart the bit that was stoping the weels from moving.We did get there in the end and we are ready to program. We finshied.

Robotics – Seasion 1


Today was our first seasion of robotics.Our task was to build a very simple robot.We were put into groups of 4.I was with Lulu,Issy and jasmine.We started of ok but duriing the end we lost focuse.We couldn’t find anything and we were not helping each other.We first could no find a black pieace I do not nco waht it is called but we couldn’t find it.The next prolem we had was that when we had placed the the program thing we had to place a little back thing to conect it we were so focused on gettingit done in time that we had put it in the wrong spot and the spot we had put it in the spot that had a blck thing in so we were pushing and pushing.So next time I think we are just going to look.