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Passion Project #Reflect !

As you know my passion project for term 4 is taking photos. I took all of my photos in the morning. I took them at Torquay front beach, cosy corner and fishos. I got some of my favourites at Torquay front beach it had a really nice sunset I used my camera I don’t know hat it is called but I have a really big lenses on it. I put all of my photos into premier were I edited a film with most of my photos in it there were a lot of photos to chose from but the ones I put in the film were the ones I thought were the best I enjoyed the last passion project and I am happy with how it all turned out.

up the top is one of my favourite photos I took!


so far on my passion project term 4 I have been down to the beach 2 times at sunrise and got s lot of photos but I only really like 4 of  them. I don’t think I said this in my first post but I will not be editing any of these photos because my project is just about taking photos not editing any. I am hoping to get a lot more with a total of 15 or over I am super exited to get all of my photos done. I am pouting all the photos on a slide show and also in a folder. I am very exited to finish.

Passion project #description Term 4!

For my Passion project term 4 I am going to be doing photography. I love taking photos and I have my own camera. I am going to be taking of Torquay the beaches. Like Torquay beach Jan Juc fishos, cosy corner and bells beach. I will be taking them at sunset and sunrise and in the middle. I am hoping to get at lot so I can pick and chose. I am going to be making a movie with all of the pictures. I will be making the movie on premiere. I mite put the photos into an album but I have not decided yet. I am so exited to get started taking photos.


My project did not turn out how I wanted it to. In a way it is good but it is also bad because I did not do fondant on my cake like I said I was going to. We made the cake first then did the fondant the next day. we used half bag of marshmallows and made it we had to be quick so we did not notice that we needed a lot more marshmallow we finished all the steps and it looked like crumb we then thought lets add water but we went back and looked at the recipe and saw that e needed double marshmallows then we used so we did not have any more marshmallows so we just made lemon icing.

for the editing I did not have to much trouble. The pictures I took zoomed in when I put them on premier so you could not see what it look like from the outside. some of my audio was really quiet but it was really fun to make the cake.


For my passion project I am making a cake the cake up the top is what I hope my cake will look like when I am done. I am half way thought writing my shot list I am trying to do a lot more shots and different editing techniques for this film so I can not just improve on the cake making skills but also my editing and filming skills. I am going to try and make the fondant soon before I film the video so I can learn some tricks and see if I can really do it. My mum is going to get in touch with her friend from a cake shop in south Melbourne I forgot what it was called. We don’t know if he has time to help me make my cake. It is fine if he dose say no because I can just make it at home. If he dose say yes then I mite change what the cake looks like because he is a chef so he will teach me more. So it is hard for me to right a scripted now because we have not heard back from the chef.


When I found out we were doing passion projects in term 3 I immediately new that I wanted to make a cake. I chose do make a cake because I have always wanted to learn how to make fondant to put on my cake.

I have never made fondant before so this will hopefully challenge me. I am not just making fondant I am also making a 5 or 6 rainbow layered cake to put my fondant of top of . I have made a rainbow layered cake before but never 5 or 6 layers so this will be something new.

I am going to make a vanilla cake batter and I then will colour them my 5 or 6 colours. For my fondant I have decided to make a marshmallow fondant I have a recipe for it at my house.

I am going to film in my kitchen and I will need a tripod and a camera. I also want to film me making the cake from a lot of different angles so that is why I will be needing a tripod.

I am so exited to make my cake and see if it tastes and looks as good as I hope. I am also going to be away for the last two days of term 3 so I am hoping to get it done before I go away.


Pasion project planning

I have been planning my passion project and it is done. Most of my film will be sped up and will have shots of me playing netball. It will not be a how to film it will be a lot of shots of me playing netball, I will have my mum filming and a friend there to help me. We will be filming a the Kadina netball courts. I will not be speaking or doing any voice overs it will have music in the background. I have had 2 people check my blog post mum and Laura have check my blog post they have said it is a good length and are looking fowled to watching my film. I have being playing netball since I was 6 now I play for the Torquay tigers and Geelong college. I play 4 times a week and I really like playing netball and maybe one day I could play for Australia.


Shotlist for passion project-18cc7oa