My project did not turn out how I wanted it to. In a way it is good but it is also bad because I did not do fondant on my cake like I said I was going to. We made the cake first then did the fondant the next day. we used half bag of marshmallows and made it we had to be quick so we did not notice that we needed a lot more marshmallow we finished all the steps and it looked like crumb we then thought lets add water but we went back and looked at the recipe and saw that e needed double marshmallows then we used so we did not have any more marshmallows so we just made lemon icing.

for the editing I did not have to much trouble. The pictures I took zoomed in when I put them on premier so you could not see what it look like from the outside. some of my audio was really quiet but it was really fun to make the cake.

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