For my passion project I am making a cake the cake up the top is what I hope my cake will look like when I am done. I am half way thought writing my shot list I am trying to do a lot more shots and different editing techniques for this film so I can not just improve on the cake making skills but also my editing and filming skills. I am going to try and make the fondant soon before I film the video so I can learn some tricks and see if I can really do it. My mum is going to get in touch with her friend from a cake shop in south Melbourne I forgot what it was called. We don’t know if he has time to help me make my cake. It is fine if he dose say no because I can just make it at home. If he dose say yes then I mite change what the cake looks like because he is a chef so he will teach me more. So it is hard for me to right a scripted now because we have not heard back from the chef.

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