Think Online

This image is about being safe online and putting the right thing online. And it not hurt anyone.

First you need to think about is it true. If it is not true then it could sped and become even worse. And someone will get upset and then you will regret putting it online and you can not take it down.

Then think about is it helpful. If it is not then it will not help and become worse. People will also get really hurt and again you will regte it.

Then is it inspiring. if it is not then do not put it up online.

Then think about is it necessary. Because if it is not then why are you putting this up in the first place.

Then last is it kind if it is not kind then why are you putting it up. You should always be kind even if it is not online always be kind.

If you get a no for any of these thing then do not put what you are putting online. So always go though this list it will save you a lot of trouble.

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