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The Lost Princess

Today we watched a film about the unit of work we have been doing in RRR. It is about doing the right thing online and being safe and what you should and shouldn’t do.In the film there are 4 characters 3 are real story’s and the last characters is the lost princess this is a made up story. I chose to do charlotte I think that here story is a really imported story. What happened to charlotte was that she was playing a game and she met someone on that game. she did not know this guy but she seemed to get to like him the more she played it every time she went on he was there. I don’t remember what he said it was something like I am a friends friend or I go to your school. But he was lying. they were planning to met up but when she and her family were at the dinner table her mum took her phone and saw the message and then she and her mum talked and charlotte realised her mistake that you should never trust people you don’t know go and see a random person I could be dangers.

Win at the Fair

In the last few weeks in maths we have been going a game called win at the fair. At the start we played the game that someone else made and we hade to work out if we are not making money or if we were. We lost a lot of money. So we then had to make our own game board that did not lose here is a screen cast of my game board.

maths 11-2dv5i0y

I have 0 in my game board it really helps get the right score. But it dose drag costumes away. I still chose to do it because it helps my score. My jackpot is 5.00 I think this is a good jackpot because you at least win $4.00 because you pay 1 dollar for the game. I had this idea at the start but then Mr Henderson said that people mite not want to p lay my game because of the 0 it mite not be as good as one that has like a 7 dollar jackpot and no 0s.

 This is my game board and the prizes an the arrows.

 This is my average pay and my total.


#production post

For my production I have not started I am filming on the weekend but it is going to be really fun. I am doing netball and I am filming at the Torquay netball courts and the Kadina courts. I am really exited to film I hope it turns out really well. I think it is going to challenge me but in a good my film I have lots of different types of shots to challenge me. I am hoping to have my friend there for someone to pass to all in all I am so exited to start my production stage I hope the filming turns out good.

Me as a Reader

When I read the space around me is mostly quite there is always a little bit of noise  but I can still read with the noise. I can read anywhere that is mostly quiet. I like to read books that interest me like the sports that I play or front covers that look nice. I don’t usually read the blub because it gives the story away. I just start reading and if I like it I will keep reading and If I start to think of other things I stop and will start a new book. When  I read I feel happy if the book is a happy book and sad if it is a sad book I will be sad and so on. I used to read a lot but then I could not find a book that I liked but I have just found a book that I liked it is called short and I really like it so I read it a lot more. I can not read this music because I will just listen to the music because I will not read and I will just listen to music.

Birk Baehr ‘s TED talk


Today we watched a ted talk from Bitk beahr ‘s. He talked about were food comes from and how we can change how we eat. The main message is how to change food and were it comes from and what happens to food and what chemicals go on and into food. He got the message across from his passion and the way he talked he also use comedy to help get the attention across. He used the big screen be hide him and on it was a slideshow that related to what he was saying it help to have the picture there to help understand more and get the message across. The techniques that he used were waking around the room not to much but not to less. He also used hand movement which was really good. He also was very confident in what he was saying which made people more interested I think that he had a good ted talk an inspired people to change what they eat and look into were there food comes from.

DC Cartoons

Today in RRR we have been talking about these pictures and what the messing e is and why they are there.

I do not think this picture is funny some of the other ones were a bit more funny it was maybe because of there faces or what they were wearing or maybe the colours that they used.

The message for this picture is that there is a little boy and he looks like he wants to play but everybody around him is on there phones and he wants to play.

This is impotent because people need to get of there phones and have fun and go and play.

this was never funny even after I had look at it better.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk!

We have started our new unit for inquiry its ted talk ted talks are about what you are passion about and you perform it to an audience.

The main message in Thomas’s speech was about getting kids to make games, and learn how to.

he was funny and was passionate about what he was saying so it got the message across really well.

He used an iPad and the big screen above him we think that the iPad was for the scripted and the slideshow on the big screen was really good.

he raised his voice when he wanted you to listen and it would shock you. He also was really funny witch made it more fun to listen to.



Pasion project planning

I have been planning my passion project and it is done. Most of my film will be sped up and will have shots of me playing netball. It will not be a how to film it will be a lot of shots of me playing netball, I will have my mum filming and a friend there to help me. We will be filming a the Kadina netball courts. I will not be speaking or doing any voice overs it will have music in the background. I have had 2 people check my blog post mum and Laura have check my blog post they have said it is a good length and are looking fowled to watching my film. I have being playing netball since I was 6 now I play for the Torquay tigers and Geelong college. I play 4 times a week and I really like playing netball and maybe one day I could play for Australia.


Shotlist for passion project-18cc7oa


Today we learnt about netiquette. It means being kind and caring online here are some words and meanings on netiquette.Netiquette It means online etiquette.Flaming / Flame Wars You post or write something online that someone or more people do not like then start a fight that is a flame war.Trolls Means that these people (called trolls) go around and find a picture or writing and use it to start a fight they are called trolls. I think that these people should be stoped because you should not post anything that they could use to start a fight.Anonymous It means that people do not know who you are and were you come from and what age you are so its is best to do the right thing.Communicating clearly means that make suer that the person that you are writing to knows you are being funny \because if they do not then it could really hurt someone so make sure it is really clear what you put online.Permission this means always ask to put a photo that has other people in it if you do not then it could hurt them and make people tease them so do not post anything without permission.


Think Online

This image is about being safe online and putting the right thing online. And it not hurt anyone.

First you need to think about is it true. If it is not true then it could sped and become even worse. And someone will get upset and then you will regret putting it online and you can not take it down.

Then think about is it helpful. If it is not then it will not help and become worse. People will also get really hurt and again you will regte it.

Then is it inspiring. if it is not then do not put it up online.

Then think about is it necessary. Because if it is not then why are you putting this up in the first place.

Then last is it kind if it is not kind then why are you putting it up. You should always be kind even if it is not online always be kind.

If you get a no for any of these thing then do not put what you are putting online. So always go though this list it will save you a lot of trouble.