Lesson 1



I am doing kicking because I would like to learn about how tp kick straight because every time I try and kick it to my friend it goes either left or right so that is what I would like to improve on.

lesson 2

In sport we are doing punting in lesion 2 of learning how to punt. I think I did a lot better. On the first lesion the never went were I wanted it to go so I think I did better that and kicking it with my eyes on the ball. I think that I improved a lot in this lesson.

lesson 3

Skill Acquisition  

My Chosen Skill:


Three Teaching Points for my skill for today’s lesson. (Research if required)

– Eyes on the ball

-kicking straight

– Drop punt

Today, working in a group of three you are going to film a demonstration of your skill. You will attempt the skill 3 times and then review the footage. I really tried to get better I got some help from Mr Colbert he told me that I need to make sure that the bowl did not spin when it hit my foot so I tried I did not grt it the first time.

Observing my skill from the iPad footage.


Am I successfully demonstrating the three teaching points in this footage?

lesson 4

Today in pe we played lots of games, like one when you hit the ball and the other team has to get the ball and stand on there bass and if the other team dose not get inside the cones there out this was fun we also . Then we went outside a worked in our teams to get the ball across the oval and the back to our teams.

lesson 5

Here is my video for my punting I enjoyed this unit al lot.

lillie pe 2-2247ijx





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