March 2017 archive

Film School Reflection

The most enjoyable part of film making was the production stage I liked the filming because we got to make slime but also getting ready to film like getting your set ready and soring out were are what you are going to film. Also the camera we had a lot of trouble with sound we got straight into it and forgot to check the sound so when we went to go edit we could not hear anything so now we now that the sound is very important.

My favourite clinic was the royalty free music. I liked it because I listen to music now I can do that for free. We learnt about using bensound it is a royalty free music site that you can use. It ahs I policy if you want to use his music is that you must credit him and then you can use his music. Bensound has songs that have no words.

I think the most important thing to learn is hoe to use the cameras. If you do not know how to use a camera then you cant not make a film. Because if you cant use a camera you can not record anything which means you can not plan or edit nothing. That’s why you need to really focus on how to use a camera.

My biggest challenge was editing. I think that is really hard because its not very simple like it dose not have a button that says add text you need to do and then this and then that to be able to add text. It is a very good editing app but I will just have to keep practicing.

If I were to change film school I would make the clinic go for a bit longer, because I found it hard to remember all of the stuff that was pushed our way if they were bit longer it would be more easier to learn.

If I were to keep I thing it would have to be the topics of the clinics there was not one clinic that I did not give me anything to use or that helped me so I think they should keep the topics.





Term 1 Reflection

This term has been so different then year 5 like filming travel journal and much more. This term has been very exiting.

 My learning highlight for this term is probably travel journal. It has been a new experience for me and I really liked it. I enjoy how you right it like a fake diary. Also the what in the word aka wiwi has been fun. We have been to many countries such as japan, Africa , France and lots more. The more interesting travel journals are the ones that are like a diary were people are speaking to each other and not just straight facts

The most challenging part this term would have to be problem solving. I found this hard because I have never done this before and I am not that good at it. I did like how we got to take it home and talk about it with our parents. Also the dissection with my friends and saying I got it right no  got it right.

What would I have done differently. I think that i would make my righting more personally. Well I have only write about the ocean and like sharks. when your writing about shark attacks it is hard because most people have not been in one and that’s what I like to write about the ocean and all of the above but they are not very personal.

I think that I would improve on staying on topic. I can get  things done but sometimes I go off topic and if I stop that then I would get things done faster and I wold save time and I think that would be my behave goal for term 2.

Maths -Magic Squares

Today we learnt about magic squares this is were you have numbers up to 9 and you have a 3 by 3 grid. you put the numbers in so that every row , column and diagonal adds up to 15 (this is only when you use a 3 by 3) there are 8 ways to sole the problem. I worked it out at the started by guessing and checking then I started to look for a Patten I also worked with Laura we found 3 solitons. we thought we found more but they were just forget the collems we only added the rows and the diagonals so we only found 3 solution.

Shotgun Microphone

In film school I leant about the shotgun mic this is how you put the mic on. You fist have to put the camera on to the tripod first but if you are not using the tripod you can go strait into putting the shotgun on. You clip a part of the shotgun then you place in to the hole. Then you tighten it so it dose not fall of. then with the cord you put it in the mic hole then put your headphone in so you can hear what the person who is speaking is saying. You put it in the next hole. Make sure you turn the shotgun on the on button is on the back you will see a green light turn on that’s how you know it is on. The best shotgun is the dead wombat. There is a picture on the top of this blog post. The fur is so you cant her the wind so if you need to film and it is a really windy day you put the dead wombat on. There is a mic under the fur.

Audio booths

in film school we did the audio booths. Before you enter the audio booths you must practise. so it only takes 5-8 mins.You need to make sure you have good posture so you can hear you better. You always need to be natural so if you want to do gestures. When you are filming in the booths always need to where headphones. Make sure the mic is mouth level so you can her you better. Finally only 2 people in the booths at one time.