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Robo Dance

The robot dance last time was today.My group went first it did no start very well at all.The fist time the robot started before the music. The second time we got half way though and we had pressed the wrong program. The third  time the costume got cort and then we finally got it after 3 times when we got close to the end it went out of the square and hit Lulu and then Lulus well part of her costume fall of and then the costume got cort again in the spinners so we had to just keep on going.

Last Session of Robot Dance

Today was our last session of design.It was a dress release. We went on like 4th we did not have a costume for the robot but we made one after the whole thing. We also made our costumes on the day we had already prepead groups of steammes that were stapled together.Then we stapled them to the top.We put them around the collar it looked weird but it was fine we also put one in our hair. Our preforms was really good but we did not have Milly there.

Robot Dance

Today in design we made our costumes. So for our costumes,we are wearing a black long sleeved t-shirt and a black skirt with blue,green,white and purple stremes on our arms and the skirt. so when we move it will ,look like seaweed. Lulu and I cut up like 100 seaweed bits.In an hour. We had to use napkins and cut them up. It was hard but we still got it done we have to stick them all on tomorrow in time I think we will get it done in time.


Robot Dance


In design today we had or second last session of robot dance.We have got everything done but one thing and that is the costume. We are going to wear black and white skirts but I do not have on i do not even have a plan black or white skirt and we were also going to put light and dark blues and green streamers but we do not have them ether, so Jas I think is getting the streamer so we are going to work it out tomorrow. So we mite end up using paper.

Week 6 reflection


I am in lane 7/8 on the first session we got to do half diving I learnt how to do a front flip and a back pin drop. We also did 25-meter time trails. But we only did it for freestyle. It was so they could put us in the right lane for the swimming carnival. On the last day we got to do lots of relays against the other lanes we did a noodle race and normal freestyle race but our lanes (the top lanes) had to swim with tennis balls in our hands but they had waits in them which made it so much harder. Then we did double noddle race so you went with a partner in your lane and you had to somehow get to the other side touching the noodle swimming was fun I really enjoyed it.


In maths we started learning about chance and probability. So we started making spinners. We had to spin a fare spinner and a un fair 10 times and see what we got. Microworlds we stared to program our quiz we put a start Butten and we finished all of our pages we also made an intro page with the start Butten on it.


Crumple bags I am finely up to the pouch. First you sew the first 2 cornets I got them done really fast because I have done them lots and done them wrong so many times. You do a straight stich and then a zig zag so it does not frae. Then you do 2 more. Next is to do a zig zag on the fold of the top on the pouch and then do the straight on the top.

Year 12


 On Monday we went and saw the year 12 expo we were asked to write about our favorite thing we saw my favorite thing was this swinging chair it was made by Lachlan Storky, and his mum Donna.It was recycled and was made by timber platforms.

Probability/designing spiners


              Today in maths we started a new topic called Probability/designing spiners. Fist we designed 3 spiners. 2 unfair an 1 fair. We put on of our unfair spiners in a timeline.


This is my fair spinner.It is half and half.To make it fair you could also have it in quarters. On the postet it has 5/5 because when i put it in the spinner I got 5 orange and white.


This my unfair spinner. I got 3 orange and 7 white.


There is a 10% chance my dog will not bark tonight


There is a 50% chance that I will go on the bus in the morning.


That I will go in the water on Tuesday.


That the sun will rise.


Tower of Hanoi




At the start of this week in math we started  doing a new topic the tower of Hanoi. So the task was to move an amount of rings to another spot with out putting a big ring on top of a smaller ring. Here is a example of one  8 rings -255 moves it took a while to do this one. In the picture is a screen snip of the website I used.

Crumpler bags

Session 1

We are making cruppler bags. A cruppler bag is where there is a big strap that goes all the way around your body with the bag at the back. The bag has a round flap that has Velcro and a part wee all of your things go.  We got given a bag and we had to draw what I would look like if it was folded out.

Session 2

Today are making a template (out of paper) so we have to cut out 8 different shapes that makes the cruppler bags I got all of my shapes cut out next we are putting our templates together, but we do not have intrusions so wad to wing it. Once the first person finished we all went and copied it. It looks like I a fish or a rocket. We had to put it together with sticky tap I only got the first two pieces together.

Session 4

We had to finish sticky taping our templates together with a partner. It was hard to get the paper to stay still so we kept having to put on sticky tap and putting it back on. I got my template done but when I went to show the teacher I had over lappet the paper to much so I had to rip all of the sticky tap of and start again it ended up have lots of gaps in the middle.Because I finished so far behind everyone else. I didn’t get the fabric I wanted. The teacher cut a rectangle out and I had to pin the paper to the fabric so when I cut the fabric it would not move. I put all of the pins on and I got it all cut out.


Session 5

Today we chose the denim the we wanted to put on the outside, I chose a dark denim because I had a dark blue on my inside fabric. We had to pin our paper and our inside fabric to the denim, so we could cut out the denim. Then we trimmed it. The next step was to pin the top bit but it had to be from a dot the pin on the dot had to be side ways. Then I got to go on the sewing machine. I had a few practises on scraps you had to make a straight stich I centimetre from the edge , I did that pretty good for my first time.

Session 6

Today we get to choose a colour of denim to be the outside of our bags. I chose a dark denim. To go with my yellow, white and dark blue fabric. First we had to pin the paper and the inside fabric to the denim. Then cut the denim to the same shape as the paper and the inside fabric. When we finished that we got to start sewing. We started with the lid, which is round but before we got sewing we had to Pin from a dot and all the way around to the next dot, but you do not put your pins to close because you will just be pulling out the pins every second. Now it is time to start sewing first you need to do a straight stich I centre meter from the edge.Then you do a zig zag stich on the edge. But you put the needle half on and half of so that it will go on the back to.

Session 7

Today in design we started to make the pouch or the bottom bit.So first we lined up and got Ms Watson to fold it so we could sew on the right lines.Then we got to go and sew. You had to make sure you made it 1 centimeter from the edge. I went tot far down and it was way more that 1 centimeter from the edge this was my first time unpicking. It took me 2 hours to unpick.Ms Watson told me that if you go into the middle of the 2 fabrics and unpick from there it is way easier.

Session 8

Today i had to line up in the huge line to see ms Watson and i had to get her to fold it again.That took about 30 mins to just get to her tried again and I did the wrong stitch so that took up the rest of my session to do.

























Maths -Pavers

I n maths a few weeks ago in maths we were looking at pavers and we were trying to find out how many pavers we would need to pave the whole area. We didn’t know how big the area was so the rules were that there was a minimum of 3 across or down and max 6. There was also different kinds like normal pavers then there were also lipped paver for the side and then there was double lipped pavers for the corners. We used different colour to represent the corners the sides ex.That made it a lot easier to finger out how many we needed and what size. The area was the out side of the staff room..

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