On camp we did a lot of fun thing though some we weren’t allowed to do because of rain and snakes. I was scared at whose cabin I would be in though it turns out there was nothing to worry about I was with Milly, Lulu, Sophie, Kate and Georgie. My favourite thing we did was the flying fox. As soon as I left the ground the best feeling come though me. The giant slide was fun. I was really scared at first but once I did it was so fun. Cubby building was fun and my group  only used  2 piece of tarp because we only had to really high sticks  Archery was awesome. I got  bullseyes witch made it so much better. I liked Low ropes we had three people in a group and we had to spot them all the way though the cores and the second time they were blindfolded We couldn’t do abseiling, yabbying or map reading.

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