My Holidays

On Thursday I left for Maroochydore (which is in Queensland) I went there for my brothers nipper camp I can not do it because I am to young. I do my own training a couple of friends from Maroochydore. We go up every year. It is always so warm. The best partn was when I was paddling to Alex headlands (Which is the next surf club) with my friend Milli. Four dolphins were swimming next to us it was so cool. It has happened many times but there has only been 2 or 3 never 4.I also liked paddling to the shark nets it was a tiny bit scary but once you have done it more than two times it is not scary. I like just sitting out there and watching the waves. The only down side to this holiday is getting up and back there. It is a 22 hour drive we normally we leave at 3:00 in the morning and do 16 hours in the first day so we get to Coffs harbour we stay the night there and get up at about 5:00 and then the second day is only 6 hours. The first time you drive up it is really boring but you get used to it. On the way back we stopped at foster we have a holiday house there.

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