Sensors snd screen display

This week in design we have learning about sensors and screen display. Screen display on you EV3 you have a big screen with nothing on when you play your program, so you can make your robot have some personality and a face so here is my program for the screen display.


This is my program for screen display the first brick is to make eyes. On the top there is a little white rectangle, that is to make a picture or a word come up. You can also put a picture from your files. You can click Lego files in that file there is a whole section for eyes if you click on that you will get a list on expressions on it as you can see I choose to use the black eye. The next Butten on the brick is the one on the far left this icon is used for choosing your eye or you word or your image. The last two icons are your x and y vales these are used to selected the positon for your image, word or eye. The next brick is just to make it go forward up the top it has the positions of what the motes are plugged into. The next icon is what way you’re going as you can see I am going forward. Icon three is what speed you are on I am on speed 50 you can go all the way up to 100.The next icon is showing how you are measuring it I have seconds this goes for 5 you can choose from degrees that us just degrees and there is also rotations the rotations mean how many times the wheel goes around.

The Touch Senser

 jkb v

This is my program for the touch sensor The first brick is to my robot go forward just forever. You can make you robot go forever or stop completly.My program is go forward forever at speed 100.(it is really hard to see) Oh yeah the brick is green so it is for the motor or movment.This next brick is for the touch sensor this brick is for when it hits something it will…and that is the next brick it is not that much but it is a very impotend.the next brick is stop and so it will just stop not much to say about that, the next brick is so after it stops it will reverse so it will turn 365 degrees and there should be one more brick and that would be go forward so it is like a mini cores. So if you start from the start the robot will go forward and then when it hits something it will stop and then it will reverse.

The ultrasonic sensor


This is my program for the ultrasonic sensor. The first brick is for just going forward forever the same as always and it is also on speed 100. The next brick is the ultrasonic sensor one. This brick is to use the ultra-sensor. The ultra-sensor is a type of sensor this is used to sensor this that are a serten distance away let’s say my program had 5 centimeters away it would only sense things that are 5 centimeters away like if you out your foot in frount of the robot it would do the next thing on your program. So back to the 3rd brick it is the reves brick. It si on 1 rotating and on speed 56.I have a loop around it can repete.This is a good sensor for a maze or a cores. They are all f the sensors and things I have learnt in the last 2 weeks.


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