Robot Olympics

We are getting close to robot olympics,Lulu and I are not ready at all we have our 100 meter ready well that is easy.But the 400 is not working.The 400 meter is a oval which makes it very hard to program.the oval has sraight sids so that bit is easy.It gose for 2.5 seconds ot the first turn.The turn is hard becaues it is not a 90 degre angle.It is like well I do not what it is like so we can not do the angle so,dash (is the robot we ae using) gose a bit furthan that the turn and dose a right angle.then is gose straigt and tries to turn but it is not working yet.


Today we are going to practise for the robot olyimpics but dash is not charged or is not working so we ahve nothing to do.So for that seasion we help jas with the opening cemorny.Sorry not much to tell.

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