Robot Olympics Season 2 and 3


Season 2

Today is our second day doing the robot Olympics. I am working with Lulu we are doing the EV3 we are also hoping to do a bit with the spero as well. For the EV3 we are doing the 100 and 400.we are programing the 100 meter first. We got it I do not know how long it went for but we got it. It goes just over the finish line which is good. I really hope we win. But because of the carpet  it goes right a little bit so we have to put it right we have to put it on the end of the left side it is on speed 100. Now we have to do the 400 meter because it is a oval it is going to take us a long time we are doing so that it is going in a rectangle because  we thought it might be quicker that doing then oval shape. First it goes straight for about 4 to 5 seconds then it goes right and then straight again. That is all we got done

season 3

We are also using dash we have decided to just do the 100 for EV3 because then we would be in 4 events because we ae doing the 100 and 400 for dash. We worked out well we are not 100 percent shore but we think that dash is the fasted out of all of the spero and Olli’s we got it to do the 100 and it is going really ell next season we are going to work on the 400.

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