Robot Olympics Season 1

The robot Olympics is the Olympics for robots. In the robot Olympics there are EV3 and sphero,olli.dash and drones. We all have to enter in at lest 1 event. For the EV3 there is 100 meter well it is like 10 meters it is just in a straight line. The 400 meters is a oval it is like 11 meters I do not know but I know that it is no 400 meters. The charet race is the same cores as the 100 (more like 10 meters) but there is like a  little cage with no walls for the EV3 you have to make it out of Lego. For the spero there is the same 100 meters and the same 400 meters but for the cage race and yes I am calling it a cage race there are real cage that fit and are made by a company. That is what we are doing in design.

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