July 2016 archive

Robotics-session 4

In design today we did Purpose, Parts, Complexities. Fist we had to draw a picture of our robot. Then we had to label the parts. We had to look really close For example the tyre on the tyre there is the spokes and rim not just the tyre. Next we had to look at the purposes of the things we labelled. For example the rim is there to hold up the tyre and so it dose not flop. Next we had to answer this question.How is the human nervous system similar to our EV3 robot? Well to be able to take one step we have to send a message from our brains to the body part we want to move. For example we would have to start by bending our right leg so it makes a 90* then left the right foot up 10 centre meters. then extend the right leg. Then drop foot 10 centre meters. that is how I expand how to step. The next question we had to answer what was a system. My first thought was a group of thing working together to make one thing happen. Then we saw a picture of what someone’s thought of what a system was. It had two thing on it what a system and what was not a system. The one that was not a system had a picture of a heap of thing and it said if I add something it will still be a heap of things and if I take away something it will still be a heap if things. The next picture (the one that they thought was a system) had a picture of I think 5 things and they were all joined together and making one thing happen together. That is what we learned in design today.




Robotics – seasion 3

Today in design we finished building our robot. Miss Watson showed us how to program our robot I found the programing a lot like Lego we did in term 1. We had the challenge of programing our robot to go forwards one metre and back one metre. Its was really hard to make it go forward and then straight back we kept on making our robot turn but in the end we got it done. I had to use Issy’s computer because the program on my computer was not working. We got our robot to go forwards for 3 seconds but that was way to short then we tried 4 seconds but that wasn’t good enough so we then tried 6 seconds and it was to far so we tried 5 it was perfect our robot was just touching (this was only forward I do not know the time for going back)  we had our robot at the speed of 100 and that was a good speed. We a bit behind because we did not finish building in the first season ,so we had to do it in the second session.

Robotics -Seasion 2


Today in robotics we had to finish our robot well only our group and about 3 other groups.The rest started doing programming.We hand only a little bit left to go. We had to add white thing and the tyres.We had a problem putting on the white thing because well the first time we put it on backwoulds the second time up side down and the third time we put it in thge wrong spot but we got ther in the end.We had to conect the white thing to the robot with little blue and black things.We did get it in the end. Next we had to do the tyers first they were to big secone they were to small third we could not find ones that fitted.Forth they did not move.Fithed we could not take apart the bit that was stoping the weels from moving.We did get there in the end and we are ready to program. We finshied.

Robotics – Seasion 1


Today was our first seasion of robotics.Our task was to build a very simple robot.We were put into groups of 4.I was with Lulu,Issy and jasmine.We started of ok but duriing the end we lost focuse.We couldn’t find anything and we were not helping each other.We first could no find a black pieace I do not nco waht it is called but we couldn’t find it.The next prolem we had was that when we had placed the the program thing we had to place a little back thing to conect it we were so focused on gettingit done in time that we had put it in the wrong spot and the spot we had put it in the spot that had a blck thing in so we were pushing and pushing.So next time I think we are just going to look.

My Holidays

 On the hoildays I went to a netball camp with Lulu, Audrey and Kate.My favourite part of the camp was playing doge ball I also really liked number netball and tug of war. Our choach was Gill but she was only there for 2 days.On the last day we had Lesa.I liked Gill better. There were lots of people.There were people learning socer and people learning football, We got to meet lotes of people that are going to came to this school next year. I lernt a lot and I can not wait to do it next year. The only bad part was that I spaind my ankle I had to ice it and it really hurt . Also on the hoildays I went to the movies with Audrey we watched the BFG it was ok.I droped most of the pocorn in the seat infrount, luckly there was know one infrout so it was all good.On the last day of the hoildays audrey came over to my house.We had a cook of. Audrey and I and my brother and his friend my brother made a green geliton with marverls creations choclate sause.The chocholate sause did not work because they burt it and the lollies in the cholate did not go so well.Audrey and I made a cruchie cholate and oreo choclate brownie.But it did not work it was really gross.We made the brownies in the thermomix. I do not think we read the reacipe right.Dad was the juge,he said thta my braothetr and his friends dish was the best. I have to say that ours was really bad.I was so upset because we were teasing the boys that we were going to win.